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The Best Online Paid Surveys Sites

Online Paid Surveys Sites

If you are looking for a way to earn money on the internet easily and without too much effort, a good solution is to take part in paid online surveys.

These platforms specialise in opinion polls and offer you the opportunity to answer a series of questions for various studies, either occasionally or regularly.


The Best Online Paid Surveys Sites

Once the questionnaire has been completed and validated, you are then credited with a small amount of money which, once a certain threshold has been reached, you can pocket, often in the form of a bank transfer or gift vouchers.

And contrary to what we tend to think, there are many very credible platforms without any scams.

It's easy to earn a little extra income while having fun... even if you have to keep in mind that paid surveys don't pay much for the time you have to spend on them.

In this article, we present you the functioning of online paid survey sites, and the 7 platforms you should know at all costs.


1 Gaddin

Gaddin is one of the best-known online paid survey platforms.

It allows you to answer opinion polls but also to visit partner sites or open emails in exchange for a fee.

Registration to this site is only allowed from the following French speaking countries: France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Your Gaddin account must reach the value of 20 € to be able to recover your earnings (which should take a few weeks). Several payment solutions are available: PayPal, bank transfer or gift vouchers.
The advantages

    Payments in gift vouchers, bank transfers or Paypal transfers
    Possibility to receive free samples from time to time

The disadvantages

    Unattractive referral system compared to other paid survey sites

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2 Mingle Respondi

This is the site that introduced me to online paid surveys, and I still use it frequently today.

Less known than other platforms, Mingle Respondi still has over 300,000 subscribers.

This opinion survey site works on the same principle as the others. Each paid survey earns you points that you can then exchange for :

    Either for gift vouchers valid in major stores: Zalando, Decathlon, Amazon.
    Or for a bank transfer of the amount corresponding to your gift voucher.

The number of points credited per survey depends on its length and difficulty. 100 points on your account represent one euro.

Mingle Respondi is one of the most serious and rewarding platforms. The only regret is that the delivery of paid surveys is sometimes random.

However, as I use it regularly, I have the impression that the more often you answer surveys, the more you will receive, and therefore the more points you will be able to earn.
The advantages

    Simple and easy to use interface
    Possibility to pay by donation, gift voucher or bank transfer

The disadvantages

    Surveys can be quite low paid, especially for the time required

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3 Toluna

In the world of online paid survey platforms, Toluna has become a real institution.

Since its big take-off in the early 2000s, the site has offered its members the opportunity to test products and give their opinion afterwards, or simply to answer opinion surveys.

The site is very serious, and even if you won't make a fortune, you can easily earn a few dozen euros every month without spending too much time on it.

It should also be noted that registration on Toluna is only open to people over the age of 16.
The advantages

    Sponsorship system (1 euro per sponsored person)

The disadvantages

    You have to be quick and active to participate in surveys before the number of respondents is reached for a study
    High payment threshold (35 euros)
    Apparently, payment by bank transfer is no longer available (only gift vouchers or "lottery")

Register on Toluna


4 Your Opinion

Your Opinion is one of the first online paid survey sites to be created.

Unlike the other sites we have presented to you so far, on this platform, you will not receive any money but only gift vouchers in many large stores including Amazon, Zalando, Carrefour, La Fnac, Mango, Decathlon..

You must have a minimum of €20 in your kitty to enjoy your rewards. If you are diligent, you can earn an average of 20 euros per month.

This paid survey site is only accessible to French residents. We only regret that it is impossible to sponsor a referral from this platform, which can generally allow you to benefit from additional points.
The advantages

    Many survey proposals available (depending on your activity)

The disadvantages

    Rewards in gift cards only

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5 I-Say

With a 99% satisfaction rate among its members, I-Say

also allows you to earn gift vouchers when you complete paid surveys.

With a community of over one million users, this platform also offers an attractive referral system that allows you to earn one euro for each referral you sign up from its link.

You can earn points by answering questions on various subjects (brand advertising, consumer habits, leisure activities, etc.).

A paid survey site to keep in your favourites!
The advantages

    Low minimum withdrawal amount (5€)
    A large number of surveys available
    Available in several languages

The disadvantages

    Payment only in gift cards, donations or virtual prepaid Mastercard
    As with all other sites, paid surveys are not very lucrative for the time you have to spend on them.

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6 Swagbucks

Screenshot of the Swagbucks paid survey site
Overview of the Swagbucks website

Swagbucks is a very popular website in France, but also all over the world.

It allows you to collect points by taking paid surveys, but not only.

You can also collect points by doing many activities on the web: shopping online, playing games, searching the internet, watching videos...

You can then exchange your points for cash or gift vouchers.

Like all other online survey sites, you won't make a fortune by signing up to Swagbucks. But if you have some free time to devote to it, you can easily earn a few dozen euros per month.
The benefits

    A well designed and easy to use website and app
    Many different options available to earn money
    An interesting referral programme
    Many options to redeem your points

The disadvantages

    Some points may take 30 to 90 days to appear in your account.
    As with all other sites, using the Swagbucks search engine, watching videos and taking paid surveys are not very rewarding for the time you have to spend on them.

Sign up to Swagbucks (£5 free)


7 Greenpanthera

The Greenpanthera survey platform

offers its members the possibility to be rewarded in two ways:

    By completing panels offered on the site
    By making online purchases via their merchant portal

The interface is rather old-fashioned, but the site is nonetheless particularly serious. It is also one of the historical players in the online paid survey system.

Another interesting point: members receive a 4 Dollar bonus upon registration.
The advantages

    Payment by Paypal available

The disadvantages

    Very old-fashioned interface and difficult to use
    High payment threshold (around 25 dollar)

What are your favourite paid survey sites? Feel free to share your good tips in the comments!


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