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Making Money with Google Adwords

Making Money with Google Adwords


 Making money with Adwords

Can Google Adwords help me to make my business take off?

Don't worry, you're in the right place! Google Adwords is indeed a wonderful business accelerator, provided you know how to use it correctly.

Today we reveal the 4 basic rules to make Adwords effective!

Rule n°1 : Choose your keywords well

Choosing your keywords well means first of all selecting keywords that your targets are likely to use on the search engine.

But it also means, and we often forget this, choosing those which will allow you to benefit from the best conversion rates at the best price !

A small example to illustrate this: the keyword "Training" is very generic and therefore, as you can imagine, very expensive. On the other hand, the expression "Knitting training", which is much more targeted, allows you to benefit from a higher conversion rate while being more economical.

You will have understood that it is precisely thanks to this type of keyword that you will succeed in creating particularly profitable Adwords campaigns!

Oh great!

But how to find the right keywords?

To help you in this task, you can use the wonderful Google Adwords keyword comparator. Choose the most relevant keywords according to your target and your budget!

Rule n°2: Interact and attract attention

Have you chosen your keywords? Great! Now let's move on to rule n°2: the writing of the ads.

A well-written advert must attract the user's attention and make them want to click on it to find out more. It must also use a keyword (or a phrase) from your list (there is still time to use it if you are not satisfied with your keywords!)

For example, for the key phrase "knitting training", you could use the following advert:

Knitting training

Have you always wanted to learn knitting? Take our course!

And there you go!

It almost makes me want to take up knitting... But you mentioned 4 rules, what should I do now?

Rule n°3: Optimise the target pages

You have your list of keywords, your ads are written... You think you are ready to launch your first Adwords campaign? Wrong!

Since 2007, Google has been using the notion of quality score to measure the cost per click and the position of an Adwords campaign. This quality score is calculated from the consistency between the ad and the target page.

You'll have understood: it's time to optimise your landing pages according to your ads!

Rest assured, it's relatively simple.

For greater efficiency, landing pages must contain the ad's keyword, as well as its semantic field.

An optimised page means :

A lower cost per click

A better position of the ad

And therefore a more effective advertising campaign

A higher conversion rate

A way to receive additional traffic, excluding advertising campaigns.

Yes, all that. We're sure you'll never neglect this step again!

By the way, a little advice: for a referencing strategy to be as effective as possible, it is better to think about it beforehand, even before creating the website.

Rule n°4: Opt for manual and regular follow-up

Once your campaign has been launched, do not leave it unattended! If you want to maximise its effectiveness and create traffic, opt for manual and regular monitoring.

It is therefore advisable to check and optimise regularly:

The days and times of broadcasting: if you notice that your ads are not very effective during certain time slots, remove (or reduce) their broadcasting at these times 

the keywords you work on: don't hesitate to eliminate those that perform poorly in order to free up budget for the most interesting keywords

the geographical distribution zone: concentrate your ads according to the performance measured and your intervention zones.

However, wait a few days before making any adjustments in order to check that the initial data collected is reliable.


Is it possible to make money with Google Adwords? Yes.

To maximize the success of your campaign, I would advise you to respect the 4 golden rules seen throughout this article. And to spend time, a lot of time.

You can also entrust this task to a professional: thanks to his experience and know-how, he will be able to optimise your investment to implement a particularly effective campaign. This will also leave you time to focus on your own core business!

However, the important thing is always the return on investment. Always know how much you are investing, and how much you are getting back!

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