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Trading: a Trend that Can Make you Big Money

Yes, it is possible to make money with Google Maps. In less than ten seconds, I'll show you how to find the right business. Are you ready? Here we go!

The current health crisis is changing the way we function and live. As proof, COVID19 has completely undermined the world's economies and markets are once again fluctuating. According to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the current crisis has caused an economic recession never before experienced. It is already being called "the crisis of the century".
An unparalleled recession

Since the start of the health crisis in December 2019, economic authorities have been warning states that a major economic recession would soon be upon us. Due to the combination of a shock of supply and demand, particularly for certain sectors, the economic and social costs will be very significant in the coming months, both in terms of jobs and the well-being of populations.

According to the OECD, it is European countries in particular that will pay the brunt of the recession, with historic falls in GDP for Italy (-11.3%), Spain (-11.1%) and France (-11.4%). The rest of the world has not been spared the unprecedented recession in India or the United States.

The unemployment crisis is also a major problem, with a 4% increase in the United Kingdom, for example. All over the world, the total shutdown due to containment has wiped out thousands of companies and pushed the largest companies to issue redundancy plans in order to avoid bankruptcy. As a result, people turned to other sources of money, such as trading.
Online trading as a new source of income

Trading is an English word commonly used in French to refer to buying and selling transactions and trades carried out on the financial markets. With the rise of the economic crisis, the markets fluctuate and make it possible to get rich quickly (but also to lose everything).
What is an online trader?

In concrete terms, an online trader is a person who places orders to buy or sell shares on the stock market in order to make money. Thanks to the democratisation of the Internet, online trading services have emerged. Their positive point is very advantageous: you don't need to be a professional trader to trade.

Where do you start?

The first thing to do is to choose what you want to do: think carefully about your investments, how you are going to invest them and how much you estimate your returns will be. Also, set a realistic goal at the beginning and don't get discouraged, trading can sometimes play tricks.

Nowadays, many sites allow you to trade online in a very simple and fast way. However, scams do exist and be very careful when you start your business. Make sure you choose your trading site carefully before you start trading.

Trading the EURO STOXX 50

If you are not one of the great economic specialists, you have certainly never heard of this name. What is the EURO STOXX 50?

First of all, this title is an index, used to measure the current situation of the European economy. Like the CAC 40 in France, the EURO STOXX 50 takes into account the evolution of the markets around 50 major companies in Europe. Moreover, these 50 companies alone represent more than 60% of Europe's total capital, i.e. more than the majority of public shares.
Factors influencing the value of the index

This index is the result of a calculation based on several factors. When these factors fluctuate, they cause the share price to go up or down. This is why, as the next trader, or as a warned trader, you should constantly monitor the CAC 40 and all other indices.

The main factors are :

    the economic indicators of the selected companies,
    political and economic events taking place in the euro area,
    movements in euro exchange rates
    and the pressure of the exceptional policy of the United States in the event of a historic decision.

When you start trading in any market you will have to take into account a large number of factors that can change from one minute to the next.
A very advantageous market

To start trading, you must first know the advantages of the market you are going to try to conquer. The EURO STOXX 50 has many advantages.

    Firstly, it is composed of shares with a large volume of liquidity.
    The companies included in this index are part of a stable economy.
    The vast majority of companies belong to the industrial sector, a sector that is in full development.

Trading CFDs on the European market

Contracts for difference, more commonly known as CFDs, are contracts that involve differences in asset prices. Simply put, CFD trading allows you to trade on price movements for buying and selling and to bet on the rise or fall of an asset.

In short, the main concept is to open a CFD when the market is about to go up or down in order to make money. On the EURO STOXX 50, you can benefit from many advantages such as the possibility of extending your portfolio across the whole of Europe (if regulations permit) or even reduce your financial risk of price changes in the future.
Online trading involves risks

However, if you decide to start trading, please note this paragraph: online trading can make you earn a lot of money, that's for sure, but it can also make you lose money. Trading CFDs, for example, is a practice you should be familiar with before you start, as 83% of investors lose money when trading CFDs.

We therefore advise you to be well informed before you start trading. Your success depends largely on the knowledge you have.


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