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How IGTV Ads on Instagram Work to Make Money

IGTV Ads on Instagram

How IGTV Ads on Instagram work to Make Money 

They have been warning for a long time and finally it will become a reality: monetisation is also reaching IGTV on Instagram . The platform has confirmed that from next week it will start sharing revenue with creators via ads on IGTV, as well as incorporating badges that viewers can buy on Instagram Live. We give you all the details.

IGTV ads, a new way to make money

Yesterday we told you how to make money on Tik Tok and see where we should do the same today with this new Instagram program. the post The quintessential social network has confirmed that it will finally begin its new monetization plan next week, allowing it to generate new revenue through IGTV ads. We may have been waiting for many months, and a few weeks ago we were made much more visible by leaks that showed what the management interface for this revenue program would look like.

How IGTV Ads on Instagram works to make money

For now, only 200 creators on the platform, approved by the social network, will start using ads on IGTV, all of them English-speaking. They range from high-powered brands like Sephora and Ikea to famous people like singer Lele Pons. If all goes well, of course, this quota will be expanded so that many more influencers can join the program with which they can receive a shared 55% of advertising revenue. The agreement with Instagram will involve some specific conditions in a usage policy in which, for example, the use of profanity will be monitored. Thus, it is expected that ads will always be associated with images that are never inappropriate by the creator.

Instagram IGTV

To make sure that everything goes "right" in fact, there will be a team that will review all IGTV videos one by one before approving monetization, at least during this initial launch phase. The idea is that comments are also monitored, so that the situation doesn't get out of hand (as has already happened with YouTube).

And at the user level, how does this affect? Well, for a start, the ads will only appear if you enter an IGTV video (never in the previews we see in the stream). These can last up to a maximum of 15 seconds and during these you can swipe up to access the brand's website. In the future, Instagram's COO Justin Osofsky assures The Verge , you can also introduce the option to "skip the ad" like on YouTube, though these are additional options that will be tested over the course of this year, with nothing confirmed.

Welcome badges

And, beware, because this isn't the only new thing Instagram is bringing under your arm in terms of revenue. It turns out we'll also now see the so-called badges, which creators will be able to sell... and users will buy, of course. There will be different "levels" and thus prices, and once purchased, they will always appear next to your name when commenting on an IGTV video from the creator on duty. Benefit? Well, you become a kind of "VIP" fan, your comments will always be on top and the creators will also see who has the badge.

Instagram directos notificaciones

There is no doubt that Facebook, the mother of Instagram, is working intensively on monetization and new ways to generate revenue. Very recently, new shops were announced, accessible from Mark Zuckerberg's social network and Instagram itself, and now this possibility is confirmed, long awaited by those who use the platform as a commercial tool - in many cases, it is almost their way of life .

We'll see if a balanced use is achieved and IGTVs are not converted into unviewable videos with so many "Ad"...


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