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5 ways to make money with a mobile app

ways to make money with a mobile app

making money with a mobile app


There are many tools available for creating a mobile app and it is even possible to estimate the cost of developing such an app fairly accurately.

However, there is no miracle solution for monetising an app and making it a profitable business.

We therefore offer you a brief overview of the most effective business models for making money with your app.

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1) Distribute a paid application

The most obvious way to make money with an application is not to distribute it for free.

Indeed, if free apps are legion on the app stores, there are also many paid applications that are massively downloaded.

paid application

However, for users to be willing to pay a few euros for your app, it must have real added value and offer advanced features.

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2) Offer a premium version

Another commonly used model is to distribute a "basic" version of the app for free, while allowing access to a "premium" version with more features, which is paid for.

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3) Offer in-app purchases

Similar to the premium app model, this technique differs in that it offers the user the opportunity to purchase additional features that enhance or enrich the user experience.

integrated app purchases

This is, for example, a model used by many free-to-play video games, where players can purchase items that allow them to progress faster and have an advantage over non-paying users.

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4) Advertising

Advertising is, of course, a method to consider for monetising an application.

However, for this to be truly effective, the app must attract a large number of users - the more people who see the ads, the more money you make.

mobile app advertising

On the other hand, if advertising takes up too much space in your app and becomes too intrusive, you risk driving your users away - so use with caution.

5) Increase your sales with your app

An app may not bring you anything directly, but it can considerably increase your sales indirectly.

First of all, mobile applications are very good loyalty tools: once installed, an app allows you to constantly remind the user of your brand.

What's more, an app can also greatly enhance your customers' experience and encourage them to make more purchases.

For example, if you have an e-commerce site, offering a free app that allows you to shop optimally from a phone can boost your sales - especially when you consider that 12 million French people have already purchased from a mobile phone.


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