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Dropshipping advice: Can you Really Make Money with Dropshipping?


make money with dropshipping

Dropshipping advice: can you really make money with dropshipping?

Have you heard about dropshipping and would like to know if it is really possible to earn money with this activity? Are you reluctant to take the plunge and would like to know whether dropshipping is a good idea to try and make some extra money at the end of the month? All these questions are legitimate and you are right to find out before potentially embarking on this adventure.

To give you an opinion on dropshipping, the simplest way is for me to tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of this marketing method. But not only that!

Indeed, many Internet users ask me if dropshipping is profitable. Like any business start-up, it is obviously necessary to invest a few tens or hundreds of euros to give yourself the means to succeed. But is it possible to repay yourself and above all to generate income thanks to a dropshipping site?

I will try to answer all these questions by giving you my objective opinion on dropshipping. If, on reading this article, you still have questions, I invite you to ask them via the comments at the bottom of the article. I will try to answer them asap.

Summary of my opinion on Dropshipping

If you only have one minute to make up your mind about dropshipping, I offer you a summary of my article which will allow you to make a synthesis of all these words I may have written.

What is dropshipping? 

It's about selling products without having to buy them and without having to manage the logistics of sending them once they are sold. Simply put, the dropshipper (you) sells products via an e-commerce site. As soon as a sale is made, the dropshipper transmits the order to a supplier who takes care of the product and sends the product to the end customer. The dropshipper then earns a commission which is his remuneration.

As with any business launch, it is necessary to invest a few dozen euros to get started. Indeed, it is necessary to open an online shop and to make one or two advertisements to make your site known. For example, by opening a dropshipping shop on the French solution Dropizi, you will have to invest 27$/month to be able to sell your products online (its English competitor Shopify costs 29$/month).

Like any business, you will only be able to make money if you do a good job, sell good products and make enough margin each time you make a sale. The good news is that there are many suppliers specialising in dropshipping that will allow you to integrate dozens/hundreds of products in just a few clicks into your shop.

Dropshipping is profitable if you have a good marketing strategy. To make sure you don't do just anything, the Dropizi solution, which I mentioned earlier, offers free training to its customers to give them all the keys they need to have a profitable dropshipping shop.

One thing is sure, if you start dropshipping, put all your heart into it and give yourself the means to succeed in your adventure because it will take time, a little money and above all elbow grease to enable you to earn enough money to pay yourself a full salary.

My opinion on dropshipping is as follows:

Thanks to dropshipping, it is possible to create an e-commerce site for only a few dozen euros. It is possible to earn money if you give yourself the means to succeed by taking the time to train yourself while remaining motivated at every stage of your project. If you think you meet all these requirements, go for it!

Can you Really Earn Money with Dropshipping?

To give you my opinion on dropshipping, the best solution is to answer the various questions asked by Internet users who are considering embarking on this great adventure.

What is Dropshipping? How does it work?

dropshipping-adviceDropshipping is a marketing system that involves a dropshipper (potentially you) selling products without having them in stock. The dropshipper is responsible for promoting his products and as soon as a sale is made, the dropshipper passes on the information to a dropshipping supplier who takes care of getting the product to the end customer.

The dropshipper is remunerated by a commission: the dropshipper sets the price of his products by adding a certain amount to the supplier's selling price. For example, if the supplier sells a product for 100$, the dropshipper will sell the product for €130 on its e-commerce site. He will thus earn 30$ each time he makes a sale, i.e. a commission rate of 30%.
How much does dropshipping cost? Is it profitable?

To earn money from dropshipping, you will quickly understand that the costs of your dropshipping activity must be lower than the total amount of commission you will earn.

For example, if you earn 30$ each time a sale is made and you invest 100$ in advertising, you will have to make 4 sales to earn 20$(' x 30$ = 120$). If you only make 3 sales, you will have earned only 90$ which does not make your advertising campaign profitable.

What are the costs associated with dropshipping?

In order to do dropshipping, it is necessary to have an online shop that specialises in dropshipping. 

These solutions allow you to have a turnkey dropshipping site, i.e. you will not have to pay anything else to be able to sell your products online (apart from your advertising campaigns).

Solution is the cheapest. It charges 27$/month of use of its platform if you commit to 12 months (37$ otherwise). It also takes 2% of your turnover. So, if you sell for 100$, Dropizi will cost you 27$ + 2% x 100$ = 29$.

Its Canadian competitor, which is mainly in English, charges in dollars, $29, or about 29$/month. He also takes 2% off the turnover.

In addition to these fees, you will of course have to invest a few tens/hundreds/thousands of euros in targeted advertising to promote the products you sell. After all, you will be like L'Oréal, Zara or even Auchan, you must inform Internet users who may be interested in your products that your online shop exists.

Is dropshipping profitable?

As you indicated above, to be profitable, you will need to be able to generate more commissions than the amount you will have invested every month to generate your sales (shop costs + marketing costs).

As with all businesses, if you address your advertisements to the right people and your products are attractive, you will succeed in being profitable and therefore making money.

However, I would like to point out that each activity requires an investment of a few dozen euros to generate income. This is normal! It's up to you to decide how much you are willing to invest to give you a chance to succeed in your dropshipping adventure.

How much money does it take to start dropshipping?


In my opinion, it is necessary to have between €100 and €500 available to launch you into the adventure of dropshipping. Indeed, it will be necessary to pay the subscription fee for your online store (27€ per month). Everything else must allow you to advertise on the different levers that will make you known to your future customers: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads... etc...

For the first 3 months, you will only be able to live from the advertisements you make. Indeed, it takes at least 3 months for Google to start to show your products in its search results. To do so, I advise you to find out as much as possible about how to optimize the visibility of your products in Google's results (this is called SEO, search engine optimization).

As soon as your site is positioned on the first page of Google, you will be able to reduce your investment in advertising and take full advantage of all the traffic brought to you by the American search engine, which is used by 95% of French Internet users.

What to sell in dropshipping?

I'm surprised every time an Internet user asks me this question: what can I sell by dropshipping? The answer is simple: EVERYTHING you think you can sell.

For example, one of my clients specialises in selling second-hand mirrors. This dropshipper therefore sells all the car mirrors that car scrap dealers can sell.

There are no bad or good products, although I have several tips on how to find the dropshipping niche that will allow you to get started in the best conditions.

How do I do Dropshipping?

In order to do dropshipping, you need several elements:

  An online sales site specialising in dropshipping such as Dropizi or Shopify.
    A supplier who agrees to sell its products in dropshipping such as Aliexpress (Chinese wholesaler) or BigBuy (European wholesaler).

Once you have set up your dropshipping shop and imported products, you will need to advertise your site and products as any company does.


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