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7 ways to make money on Twitch (Update 2021)

 7 ways to make money on Twitch (Update 2021)

Everybody knows that they can make huge amounts of money by broadcasting their video game stream online, via twitch.

What most people don't know is exactly how much money they can earn or how to earn it.

Today we have those answers for you.

To start earning money on Twitch, you need to become a Twitch affiliate.

Twitch Affiliate is offered to individual users of Twitch who have demonstrated their commitment to the platform and have a growing number of subscribers. Offered directly by Twitch, Affiliate is an opportunity to generate revenue every time your feeds are viewed and subscribed to.

If you don't want to broadcast yourself, there is another way to make money as a Twitch: by viewing and following other streamers, click here to find out more.

How do I become a Twitch affiliate?

To quickly start becoming a Twitch affiliate member, you will need to increase the number of subscribers on your Twitch account to 50.

And although developing your Twitch followers organically is a very difficult task, there are proven systems to make it much easier. is one of the most reliable systems.

Twitch Followers

At you register, earn credits, earn followers and earn money fast.

The system is tried and tested, simple and unbeatable.

increase followers, subscribers and viewers for your twitch channel.

And, if you sign up with today, you can earn bonus credits that will almost immediately increase your subscriber base and revenue potential.

How does it work?

How TwitchFollowers works

In addition to joining, you will want to implement a number of other strategies for making money online with Here are a few that have proven successful.

1. Activate ad serving on your account

Just like ads placed on a personal website or YouTube channel, ads placed on Twitch accounts earn money for the host.

Twitch Ad streaming for revenue

Although adding ads to your Twitch account doesn't make you a millionaire overnight, they make sense. If you are already focused on developing your subscribers, why not add this very simplistic revenue stream?

After all, making more money never hurts!


In order for ad streaming to be activated on your channel, you must first become a twitch affiliate which again requires at least 50 followers. These first subscribers can be organically increased by:


Unfortunately, this can be a very long and extremely slow process for new Twitch streamers.

That's where we come in, can help you gain the initial momentum you need to develop your audience and become an affiliate.

increase followers, subscribers and viewers for your twitch channel.

2. Create merchandise

The suggestion to create merchandise in order to make money on Twitch is not necessarily suitable for novice users.

However, for users who have large, dedicated products to keep track of, they can be an extremely effective way to line your pockets. Traditional items such as hats, hoodies and t-shirts are wonderful options for gaming items. For users who really want to increase their income, they can add gaming accessories such as controllers.

Twitch merchandise

When creating merchandise for your subscribers, it is suggested that you do so in conservative quantities until you know you have enough subscribers to purchase it.

After all, no one needs 50 hoodies.

3. Research-sponsored streaming opportunities

Game developers want two things. First, they want to develop the best game on the market.

And second, they want their game to be in the hands of people who will help it be seen around the world.

These days, one of the best ways to achieve these two objectives is to offer sponsorships to broadcasters of live video games . Live video game streamers are experienced gamers and therefore have the expertise to provide constructive feedback to video game developers.

In addition, live game streamers are at the heart of video game enthusiasts around the world.

If you are very successful on Twitch, but are looking to make a little extra money, it might be worth spending some time and effort on a few video game companies for sponsorship. Many of them are more willing than you might think to give a little dough in exchange for a little exposure.

4. Become a Twitch partner

If you've been using Twitch for a while, you'll know that the ultimate goal is to become a partner.

Twitch partners earn the most money through their affiliate program and benefit from opportunities before any other user. They attract more followers than anyone else on the platform. It is an exclusive opportunity that only 22,000 out of approximately 2 million users have had.

To become a Twitch partner, there is a list of specific criteria that you must meet, including the duration and streaming sessions, as well as the number of subscribers you have.

If you are looking to make money with Twitch and are just starting out, the partner criteria should be your goal and you should strive to meet them every day.

5. Enabling your followers to donate

Believe it or not, many twitch users are more than willing to donate to an individual streaming user if it means their favourite channel stays active.

There are currently over 2.2 million twitch users in the system, and many of them are dedicated to watching live twitch streams, especially if they are streamed by their favourite user.

Make money on twitch following gamers

There are many partner programmes that can add a donation button to your Twitch account.

Most of these partner programs are even able to add the ability to donate to your account via PayPal, which simplifies the process for most people.

6. Don't forget the Twitch Bits

Just like streaming ads, Twitch bits are not going to make you money overnight. But then again, like streaming ads, the more members you have, the more bits you'll earn with Twitch.

Twitch bits are the Twitch version of emoticons () . During live streams, a Twitch user can use a bit in a chat room.

Each time a bit is used, the user the person is following at that time receives one cent. So imagine that if you have several people using bits at the same time, your earning potential is not extreme, but it is also likely to be more than just a small pocket change.

7. Add affiliate links

Bloggers around the world generate a six-figure monthly income through affiliate marketing. And, while this is incredible, the good news is that Twitch users have the opportunity to do the same.

Individual Twitch users can form affiliate partnerships with companies, attach the link to their feed, and then get paid when their subscribers use the link to purchase the article. It's a simple and easy way to make money.

Most affiliate partnerships on Twitch are for video game products, technology products or products associated with video games.

However, if you cannot maintain a technology-related affiliate partnership, many other companies are eager to offer this opportunity. And, any affiliate link is better than no affiliate link at all!

Consider other Twitch accounts

Surprisingly, video games are not the only type of account that can earn you money on Twitch. Users can also be paid for:

creating music,

host their own talk show,

live streaming their workout, and much more.

So if you are interested in making money via Twitch, but you are not involved in video games, don't worry!

Using all these methods to make money via Twitch will quickly pay off.

However, we still recommend that the best way to make money with Twitch is to start by registering at to get you started in the right direction!

increase followers, subscribers and viewers for your twitch channel.


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