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What to Sell on the Internet on 2021?

What To Sell on The Internet?


What to Sell on the Internet on 2021?


Before selling an object, one had to go through specialised newspapers, classified ads etc... This was not very practical and often not free of charge. Today, thanks to the internet, we can sell objects through different platforms. Ebay to earn money is one of the best. However, very often by correspondence. 

One of the best ways to sell on the internet in US is  Craigslist and ebay Because in 90% of the cases the sellers/buyers meet for the sale. There are no site commissions and, above all, you can negotiate the price or even sometimes present other products, if, for example, the sale is made directly to the seller. The same goes for the New facebook marketplace. This one allows to enter in groups in order to access ads or to go directly to the marketplace. Now it's all about knowing what you can sell? This list of things to sell is likely to be very long so we will focus on the essentials directly.

List of things to sell on the internet:
High-tech products
Household appliances
Children's toys
Sports equipment

Details of what to sell on the internet:

What to sell as high-tech products:
High-tech products are undoubtedly the most sold and profitable products to sell on the internet. You can find everything from TV boxes, drones, reading lights, printers, computer tools such as PC or Mac computers, cameras, tablets, and of course the most popular are smartphones. The evolution has become so fast that people change smartphones almost every year. Be aware that you can even sell a cracked or broken smartphone if it is relatively new.

Sell a car on the internet:

To sell your car, the internet is once again the best place. Rather than leaving it to a professional, who will want to sell it to you and take his comms, or even buy it back from you at a ridiculously low price, think about putting it on the internet. Leboncoin or Facebook marketplace are again the best places for this.

What to sell as furniture on the internet:

The sale of furniture is very widespread on the internet. If you are moving or redecorating, consider selling the furniture you no longer need. Furniture sells really well, for example:

The tables
The sofas

What to sell in clothing?

The same goes for clothing, it works very well. However, since demand is lower than supply, you'll have to break the prices to hope to sell a jacket, coat or pair of shoes. For your information, the average price of a pair of women's shoes (heel/spinner) is 20€ for a brand new product and 80€ for a pair of Louboutin shoes.

What to sell in household appliances:

Just like furniture, household appliances sell well. Of course, you have to think about cleaning it before selling it and, especially before taking a picture of it, because no one wants to buy something that looks neglected. What sells well:

Washing machine
Cooker\Gas cooker

Sell your children's or childhood toys:

If your child plays too much, consider selling some of them, especially if they are too old. You can also think about selling your old video game consoles, some of which may be worth a small fortune. Other games, such as some playing cards, can sell for thousands of euros. Be careful not to throw away these precious cards. Pogs or pins for collectors can also be sold.

Sports equipment: what to sell?

Sporting equipment is all too often found in rubbish bins and other bins. Roller skates or skis, tennis rackets or ping pong bats. These are the kind of items that are sold like hotcakes on the internet.

Weight-lifting machine
Endurance machine ( rowing machine + exercise bike )
Alter and accessories, carpets
Rollerblades and ice skates
Skis and ski boots
Tennis rackets/bad/ping pong
Winter or sportswear
Golf or horse riding equipment

The items that sell the least:

Everything is sold on the internet, but some things sell less well than others. For example, jewellery for sentimental reasons, or underwear for hygiene reasons. Everything that is close to the body and generally difficult to sell.  Pairs of glasses and watches sell very well, however.

Selling on the internet: the trap to avoid

When you remove an ad from one of these platforms, you will be asked why you are removing the ad. For example because of:

Price changes
Modification of an advertisement
Changing your mind
Object sold

Be careful not to indicate "item sold" when you delete your ads because this kind of information can be used against you for tax purposes. Online sales have recently become taxable. The advantage of selling from hand to hand is to leave no trace like money. So you can very well say that you did not sell the object.


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