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WebSites to Make Money With PayPal: The Complete List

Make Money With PayPal

Many may not know it, but there are ways to credit your Paypal account without having to transfer money from your credit card or receive money from others. These methods are free and easy and can be effective. However, they sometimes require a lot of work and patience. Here is the list of sites to earn paypal money.

Paypal, what is it?

What to do with it?
Those who are used to shopping online know it. Paypal is by far the most popular service to send, receive money online or pay for goods and services online. Today available in 200 countries and regions around the world, Paypal is appreciated for its many advantages: secure, easy to use, convenient and free. With more than 100 million members, it is today the most widely used payment method on eBay. Millions of merchants around the world also accept this online payment service. There are many uses for Paypal. Once you have created your account and linked it to a card or bank account, you can receive money on your paypal account. The money that arrives on your account can come from a friend from whom you have borrowed money or from your client if you are freelance. One of the interesting utilities of Paypal is the possibility to be paid directly via your account if a customer has bought your products or services sold on certain sites like eBay. On the other hand, you can also use Paypal to send money to a friend, pay your suppliers or make online purchases. Many e-commerce sites have a "Paypal" button to pay. By clicking on it, you only have to enter the email address linked to your account. It's fast, secure and simple. You don't have to enter your bank details any more. Finally, as for the money available on your Paypal account, you can withdraw it with your Paypal debit card or transfer it to your bank account and withdraw it whenever you want.

The different methods to earn money on your paypal account?

Sites to earn money with Paypal - method There are many ways to make money on the internet by getting paypal money. Here is an exhaustive list of methods to earn paypal money in a more or less free way :

Earning paypal money by answering surveys

You've probably already heard of paid surveys. Some small, medium and large businesses use paid survey platforms to get consumer feedback. The ultimate goal is to improve their services/products. Participating in these paid surveys can earn you a few cents to a few euros that will be directly credited to your Paypal account. Here are a few known paid survey sites:
a survey completed on the My opinion counts site allows you to earn between 0.25 and 0.75$ depending on the duration. You can ask for a paypal transfer from 2,5$. com: on the site, you can receive up to 5$ per completed survey. Please note that surveys can be done by videoconference or by telephone. Ask for a transfer to your Paypal account from 10€. com: this site functions as a consumer community. Once registered, you join the panel of consumers that the site tries to put in touch with companies in need. com : in addition to the welcome bonus of 4$, the site offers you to increase your paypal balance by answering numerous surveys in various fields (fashion, food, household appliances...). : Panel Institut is one of the best known paid survey sites on the web and allows you to round off your month-end by boosting your Paypal balance.

Get Paypal balance by reading emails
Do you receive a lot of advertising e-mails in your mailbox every day?

What if it's time to make them profitable? Some sites, called paid email sites, pay you by reading advertising emails. This remunerative activity allows you to earn a few cents per reading. From a certain threshold, you can transfer your earnings to your Paypal account. Among these sites, you will find :
Receive paid e-mails in your mailbox, read them and earn a centime per reading with the Mailorama site. You can request a transfer to your Paypal account from 20€ of earnings.

This site offers to earn paypal money for free by answering surveys, thanks to cashback or by reading mails. The paypal transfer threshold is 15€.

managed by the same company that manages Moolinéo, Loonea offers the same withdrawal and remuneration conditions as the latter.

Earn money with Paypal using cashback

This method is certainly the most efficient way to earn a lot of money on your Paypal account. Even if it has already existed for many years in France, some people are still unaware of it. Its principle is simple. You make your purchases on the web through the cashback site. This one reimburses you a part of your purchase. Here are some serious sites to take advantage of cashback: com: it is the leader on the cashback market. As soon as you register on the igraal site, you will earn a €10 bonus. You can then make your purchases from the site's 1,600 or so partner merchant sites. Each order allows you to benefit from cashback in the form of a percentage or a fixed sum. You will be able to request a shipment to your Paypal account from 20$. com: Get a refund for part of your purchase on the site. To do so, it's very simple. Sign up and immediately receive 3$ in your jackpot. Each time you make a purchase from one of our partner merchants, the site will refund part of your money. Accumulate the earnings and request a transfer to your Paypal account from 10$.

this cashback site has more than 1,700 partner merchants. In addition to the 3€ welcome bonus it offers, it also offers you a refund rate of up to 50%. By sponsoring your friends, you can also receive 20% of their cashback for 6 months. Receive Paypal money with multi-remuneration sites There are sites that offer several methods of earning Paypal money. These sites are called multi-payment or "Get paid to" sites. They bring together all the methods mentioned above (paid surveys, paid e-mails, etc.). What you are asked to do on these sites is to fulfil a mission. This may consist of going to a web page, reading an e-mail, following a twitter account, etc. Here are a few reliable sites in this field:
each completed mission allows you to obtain tokens that can be converted into real money. 245 tokens worth 10€ that you can send to your Paypal account. earn "coins" by completing paid missions on the site. You can choose between two types of missions: free missions and paid missions.
With 200 million dollars paid out to its members, the site is certainly one of the leaders on the market. Although it is still little known in France.

To feed its Paypal account with paid games

Let's make it clear! Playing is fun. We play to have fun. But you can also play today to win some money. There are sites that offer games for money. As their name suggests, these games allow you to pocket a more or less important sum. the site offers 4 lucrative games, including The Goat Escape, Lili La Chenille, Space Lighting and Mia the Bee. From 50 000 points, you can ask for a Paypal transfer equivalent to 5$.
Applike: this application allows you to earn money by testing games. Several types of games are available for testing: strategy, action, reflection... Receive mCoins for each game tested. All you have to do is exchange your jackpot for real money to be sent to your Paypal account.

Add money to your paypal account using your smartphone

Do you have a smartphone and are you used to testing applications? Make this behaviour profitable from now on by earning paypal money thanks to application testing. Several sites are ready to pay you to test applications on your phone: Appvip: you must first download the application and install it on your phone. After testing it, the site will ask you for your opinion in the form of a quiz. After validation of the test by the site, you will receive 10 to 20 cents on your account.
Featurepoints: Earn points by testing applications with Featurepoints. This Android application can be installed on any Android or iOS smartphone.
Cashpirates: with this application, get points that can be exchanged for real money to be transferred to your Paypal account by testing applications. Each test can earn you between 60 and 90 points. 2,500 points are equivalent to $2.5, the threshold to request a paypal transfer.


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