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How to Chose a Domain Name for your brand

Chose a Domain Name for your brand
Chose a Domain Name

To start the second step, create the list of 9 domain names and open any registrar's (not reseller's) site, for example: or

You just need to place your domain names with a space between each one and another... An example with the website (not recommended for purchase, very high prices)

23 11 2011 23 10 17

As you can see, 5 domains among 9 are valid, and that's why I asked you to choose at least 9, now all that remains is to make the choice!

23 11 2011 23 18 31

In fact, if it's me who will have to create the site that talks about cars, news, I will choose the domain name, or the I can even remove the hyphens.

I talked to you in this step, about how to choose the name of your site, we only used the .com extension (and already .com is the first to choose, it's expensive the .com!).

Step 3: The extension

Extensions allow Internet users to find out the type of your website, is it a commercial site, an educational site or a government site?

In fact, even if the .com extension is dedicated to commercial and financial sites, it is used for any type of site... It's a bit of a habit, the first domain name is the .com....

Here is a list copied from Wikipedia, including the extension with its meaning (in alphabetical order) :

Extension Meaning

  1. .aero Aeronautics
  2. .asia Asia
  3. .biz Business
  4. .cat Catalan
  5. .co Colombia but also since June 2010 Communication, Community. Without many restrictions.
  6. .com Commercial organisations, but without restrictions.
  7. .coop Cooperative
  8. .edu Education
  9. .gov Government
  10. .info Information
  11. .int International
  12. .jobs Jobs (human resources)
  13. .mil Military
  14. .mobi Mobile
  15. .museum Museum
  16. .name Personal name
  17. .net Networks
  18. .org Non-profit organisations
  19. .pro Professional
  20. .tel telephone numberother contact details
  21. .travel Travel

Now let's see how to buy and choose the dealer you can trust.

Step 4: Before buying, buying and after buying the domain name

It is important to know that there are scammers also on the Internet, companies that do not exist, created by pirates... To avoid this kind of site, I will give you a list of the most famous sites in this field... And generally, it is the companies with more than 8 years of existence that reign and dominate the market at the moment!

But allow me to talk a little about some details...

Terms and conditions of use

Read the terms of use carefully, there are what is called transfer fees. Each company offers a price for those who want to transfer their domain name to another company. And so you have to bear in mind that the price of a simple transfer can increase up to 3 times the purchase price of your domain name! So be careful...

The Whois

As I told you at the top of this article, the Whois allows you to know the owner of a website, the best known one is the There are domain name sellers who give the possibility to modify the content of the Whois text file containing the owner's information, as others offer this by paying. All of this can be found in the conditions of use or on the legal notice page .

Here is the list of the best sellers of :

And there you go!

You now know the steps to follow to choose the right domain name, I will make changes if I find other tips and tricks :)

If you have any questions about domain names, please feel free to post a comment below.


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