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The 6 concrete methods to make money with your car

 The 6 Concrete Methods to Make Money With your Car

Make Money With your Car

A car on the move Having a car always involves several regular expenses: the purchase of the vehicle, of course, represents an initial investment. Then you have to think about all the essential costs: insurance, maintenance, repairs and refuelling. You regularly spend relatively large sums of money on your car - but it can pay you back, since it also allows you to earn money easily, provided you take the right initiatives. Here are 6 concrete methods made possible by the Internet.

1. Leasing your car

If you tend to leave your car in the garage, a good method is to offer it for rental. There are websites specifically designed for this purpose that provide a framework for this process. On average, you can receive around 30 euros in a day's loan. By renting regularly, you will see that this business can become profitable. However, keep in mind that the various platforms that offer this service, such as Drivy, generally charge fairly high commissions.

2. Offering your parking space for subletting

If you live in an urban area, you probably live in a rather complex environment for motorists: they very often have difficulty parking. Are you going on holiday for several days or weeks? Offer your parking space to the sublet. Platforms have been designed to facilitate the connection between demand and supply, the websites Prendsmaplace and Parkadom are among them.

3. Become a private driver

If you like to drive and hope to make it a main or secondary activity, go to platforms like Uber or Heetch. Naturally, the practice is supervised: you have to obtain a VTC business card, register with the VTC register and create your company (knowing that the rather advantageous status of micro-entrepreneur is sufficient). Provided you are insured and have a profile validated on the platforms, you can be paid to transport passengers from point A to point B. This is a job in its own right, but if you are a good, motivated driver and have a minimum of free time, you can get started. All the conditions and the various steps to be followed to get started are detailed on the website.

4. Advertising

Many companies are prepared to pay for their brand to be displayed on cars that travel more or less frequently in a pre-defined area. There are websites offering this service, but some look abandoned. If you want to make money in this way, another technique is to go to the companies concerned or to communication agencies. You will be asked where you are used to going, to find out whether it is profitable to advertise on your vehicle. Logically, if your car stays in the garage more than every other day, you will probably not be paid by displaying advertising: you have to move around often, and in heavily frequented areas.

5. Carpooling, a widely popular solution

If you use your car very often, carpooling is a suitable solution for you. To make your journeys, whether daily, occasional, short and/or long, profitable, you always have the possibility of carpooling passengers. They pay for their seat and, in this way, you amortize part of your current expenses with the money you receive. Although popular in recent years, this idea is not popular because it pays off easily, but rather for the savings you make. Because, if you stick to the basic policy of carpooling, you won't really make a profit. But when you think about it, with this concept, it's a bit like earning money (we talk about it on our selection of lucrative means, idea number 7). In any case, the resulting savings make it easier to cover the costs of fuel expenses and tolls. Don't hesitate to anticipate your routes better when posting advertisements: your vehicle will cost you much less!

6. Transporting parcels

Parcel transport, known as parcel car sharing, is a real money-maker. It is above all, like car-pooling, a useful activity to help cover the costs of a journey. Unlike carpooling, you don't have to start a conversation or wait for all your passengers: you simply transport one or more parcels as part of a trip you have planned.

Delivery between private individuals is becoming more and more widespread. It exists in particular through websites such as Colis-Voiturage.

In conclusion

You know it: having a car means enjoying the freedom to go anywhere at any time. However, this privilege comes at a cost that some families find difficult to afford. This is why we recommend these 6 methods with which it is possible to make your journeys profitable. We hope that one or more of our ideas will interest you, so we just have to wish you a safe journey!


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