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Sell Photos and Videos on the internet and Make Money


Today the Internet has become the ideal place to earn money easily and quickly. There are many business opportunities on the Net. One of the most interesting is to sell your photos and videos on specially designed sites.

On which sites can you sell your photos and videos?

Nowadays, there are many sites that specialise in buying photos and videos online. These sites include iStock (gettyimages) and Adobe Stock (formerly Fotolia). These are banks of videos and images that allow you to earn income when you publish your own works. However, your remuneration varies according to the number of purchases of your photo or downloads of your video. Each sale entitles you to receive a commission. In general, this commission is between 20 and 40% on a sale whose amount varies mainly between 1 and 10 euros. This makes it possible to round out your month-end, and to envisage higher income over time.

Not to mention the advertising revenue for videos that get a lot of popularity on YouTube or Dailymotion, there is another site to monetize your videos on the Net. It is called Vimeo. The Vimeo On Demand feature allows you to get paid for your videos posted on the site.

Nevertheless, to succeed in earning significant income on the Internet, there are some guidelines to follow.

Advice to follow

It is very important to know that all the photos and videos online on specialised sites will not necessarily allow you to make ends meet. For example, your videos and clips must create the buzz. With this in mind, it is strongly recommended that you produce quality videos.

Furthermore, respecting copyright is a key criterion. It is absolutely necessary to refrain from publishing other people's content to avoid a lot of trouble. For example, you should only put online elements that you have designed yourself. Every detail is important: a simple musical background from a song you don't own the rights to can put you in a tricky situation.

To create the buzz and monetise your photos and videos, you can share them on different communication tools. For example, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Viadeo, etc. are a great way to publicise your work. Also, it is best to sell your videos on sites that have more visitors. That way, you will have a better chance of increasing your income quickly.

This solution is especially suitable for experienced photographers and videographers, and people with a great imagination. But by trying it out, you may find that you have the talent to be an entrepreneur in this field.

Photo: which ones sell best?

If you don't really feel like a video maker, maybe you have the skills to make photos and sell them on the Internet instead. In concrete terms, many images are regularly sought after by Internet users, especially when they are looking to make their own communication media (brochure, website).

So, if your artistic soul is still in great demand to make pictures and sell them on the web, you must also think about the needs of users. Indeed, the more your photo will be bought, the more money you will earn. So, when you think about designing a photo, don't hesitate to project yourself in the place of Internet users, wondering if this type of image is likely to interest them. In every world, it is possible to earn money through photography: pictures of animals, urban environments, electronic devices, etc.


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