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Publish a Book in Self-Publishing and Make Money


Publish a Book in Self-Publishing and Make Money

Publish a Book in Self-Publishing and Make Money

Ten years ago, if you wanted to publish a book, this was the path of the fighter. So first you had to... write a book (the hardest part), contact dozens of publishing houses, send them your manuscript, get approximately zero replies, start again, light a candle, and hope that someone would finally notice you.

But fortunately, all that has changed. Now anyone can write a book, edit it and publish it, without having to leave their fortune behind and without having to know the world.

It's called self-publishing and it has become very fashionable in recent years, partly thanks to Amazon and its electronic readers.

Yes, you're not dreaming, you can now have a book published. And not only in digital form, but also in paper form, thanks to CreateSpace (a tool from Amazon).
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To reach a wider audience, publish your book in both paper and ebook versions.

How does it work?

Self-publishing consists of publishing a book yourself, without going through a publisher. You write it, you read it (or have it read), you put it online and that's it! Your book is available all over the world. Or almost all over the world.

The main advantage is that you don't have to go through a publisher anymore. So the biggest hurdle to being published has just disappeared.

However, not everything is rosy. Your role is no longer going to be limited to writing, but you will have to do marketing, talk about your book, create a community on social networks and animate it, all with the aim of getting new readers and getting yourself relayed by literary blogs.

It's not easy either, but it's almost entirely up to you. And this is perfect! Because if you've written a great book, and you manage to get people talking about you, then it's in the bag!

Can you really "succeed" in self-publishing?

Of course you can. People like you and me woke up one morning, decided to write, published their book on Amazon and started to make a name for themselves.

For example, Sonia Dagotor is regularly quoted in the media as an example. Like the heroine of her saga "Wife, mother and working girl", Sonia is married, has young children and a very busy job. Yet her books have been very successful (tens of thousands of sales). And she has even won a literature prize.

Another example? Jean-Baptiste Viet is IT manager at Orange during the day, and a self-published blogger/author at night. After succeeding in blogging, he decided to share his passion via a book he wrote himself and published on Amazon: "BlogBuster - How to make money with a blog" which I was telling you about here.

Moral: yes, we can do it. And yes, anyone can succeed. And you can even be successful if you have a job on the side.

Careful, I didn't say it was easy.

If you've read me so far, you could almost believe that I told you it was easy.

No, it's not.

I'm just trying to tell you that it's easier than it used to be, because you don't have the publishing house barrier anymore. But now you have to compete against tens or hundreds of self-published authors like you. So quality has to be there, more than ever.

A few tips for self-publishing a book... and succeed!

Being a well-known and recognised author is not only about content. Unfortunately, you can write the best short story of all time, but if no one reads you, it won't be of much use... Publishing a book isn't your job, but it can be learned.

Choose a subject that you have mastered

If you don't feel like writing a romance novel, don't worry, it's not the only kind of ebooks that are successful.

In fact, you don't even have to write a novel. You can write a guidebook, that works very well too. A lot of people do that. Sometimes to complete a blog. Or sometimes the other way around: they write a guide first and, seeing that it's successful, they then launch their blog.

All subjects are probably suitable for a guide, but there are some subjects that are a little more "fashionable" than others: drones, artificial intelligence, cryptomoney...
Listen to your future reader

If you decide to write, you need to think about your ideal reader. His or her expectations. The emotions he or she wants to feel when reading your work of art.

To find out more, you can join Facebook groups of readers, or discussion forums, and submit your ideas to them. See passages from your book.


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