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Create Your E-commerce Store: an Adventure That Can Turn your Dreams Into Reality

Create Your e-Commerce Store: an adventure that can Turn your Dreams into Reality


Create Your E-commerce Store


Today on this blog I have the pleasure to welcome Olivier Clémence, an expert in the world of ecommerce. He will allow you to evaluate if opening an ecommerce is for you. And he will offer you a few tips to help you launch your own online shop, another way to make money sustainably - and passively. I'll let him introduce himself 😉

If you are reading this article (I take this opportunity to say thank you), there are 2 possibilities:

  •     Either you are just looking for inspiration to change your life (the dream of three quarters of the French);
  •     Either this idea of creating your online shop has already been running through your head for some time, but you're hesitating or don't know how to get started.

Either way, you've come to the right place!

Let me introduce myself. I am Olivier Clémence and I have created a blog (ré through which I help web-entrepreneurs to make their online shop a profitable business, full of loyal and satisfied customers. If you take a tour, you will discover my complete guide in which I reveal all my secrets to make your online shop a success.

I also sell digital products through This e-commerce activity is 90% automated. I only spend an hour and a half a week on it and the sale of my products brings me between 4000 € and 5000 € per month. That's what you can get (and much more!) by launching your own online shop. I invite you to read the rest of this article to get an overview of all that e-commerce can bring you.

Are you following me? Let's get started!

What's the point of getting started in the e-commerce adventure?

So before getting to the heart of the matter, you may still have doubts about the sustainability of such a big project, or even about your ability to manage it. It's normal, it's a big step you're about to take. But above all, it's a great opportunity to give yourself the life you've been dreaming of.

Need to be reboosted? Let's see together the reasons that will encourage you to take the plunge.
There's only one person to answer to: you!

If you're a regular employee, having a boss, you know what it's like... Frustrating! Having to justify yourself all day long, performing a task without having a say, having to bend over backwards and finally being told: "Sorry, this year, all increases are frozen, crisis oblige! »

You know it all by heart... And you only want to say STOP! You are not a machine and you also have the right to recognition. Seeing your boss reap the laurels of all his work is very demotivating, we agree.

By creating your e-commerce site, you will have gained everything: the freedom to make your own decisions, recognition of your true worth when your turnover takes off, pride in reaping the fruits of your labour (because to get there, there will be!).

create your own online shop freedom

The freedom to work when and where you want

When you open your online shop, you say goodbye to the daily routine, to the routine of the metro-work, to sleep. No more schedules that have to be kept to the minute, you are free to choose when to work.

Are you more productive in the morning? Do you have children and need your Wednesdays? You are more efficient in the evening? Don't worry, you organize your schedule so that it adapts to your needs and not the other way around.

What about the ideal workplace? Are you forced to lock yourself in an office to carry out your activity? Absolutely not!

On the contrary, it's an undeniable asset in the digital world. You can work anywhere. And that's on two conditions: you must have a Mac or laptop nearby and a reliable internet connection. But that's it. Moreover, if your organisation allows you to do so, nothing prevents you from taking a few days off in a paradisiacal place and dividing your day between work and relaxation.

Well, I'm not hiding the fact that if your destination looks a little too much like paradise, you'll need a lot of motivation to work 😉 But in any case, you already have the luxury of being able to choose.
A huge market to conquer

If you've been thinking about opening an e-commerce business, you may have been wondering about the potential of the digital market. If not, I can tell you: it's gigantic!

It intrigues you, doesn't it? Come on, I'm telling you: 81.7 billion euros. Yes, you read that right, that's the modest sum that the e-commerce figure reached in 2017. An increase of 14% in 1 year and 300% in 10 years!

Impressive, isn't it? And it's not over yet, because the forecasts for 2019 are even more dizzying. E-commerce turnover could then exceed the 100 billion mark.

So obviously, your ambitions are not so high. But even getting a tiny slice of this big cake will be good enough!

And without thinking so big, if we "limit ourselves" to the French market, there are still more than 52 million Internet users who come and go on the web. Yes, contrary to a shop with a street corner, your trading area has no limit. You might as well make the most of it! 😉

create an online shop benefits

Creating your online shop: where to start?

So, now that you're pumped up and over-motivated, how do you go about it? Here are the key points to work on.

Identify the product to sell and find the supplier

Overflowing with motivation is already an important element. Because you're going to get work! But without a product idea, it gets complicated...

Do you have a passion? A favourite sport? How about combining business with pleasure by selling products related to your favourite activity? If it's yours, there's a good chance it's also that of other Internet users. What's more, the significant advantage is that talking about products that you know or master is twice as motivating. It's also easier to sell a product when you're convinced of its benefits, isn't it?

Are you out of inspiration? Or maybe you have something on your mind, but you doubt the product's ability to attract customers? Then I can reassure you right away. The great thing about the web is that the market is so huge that you can sell just about anything. I say "just about" because there is one key element to check. It's that the product you're thinking of is well adapted to the constraints of e-commerce.

So here is a summary of the ideal qualities of a product sold online:

    It is small and light.
    It is timeless (to avoid losing its potential when the time comes).
    It is consumable (so that satisfied customers will recommend it).
    It allows for a good margin.
    It is a content generator (you can talk about it on your site).
    It meets a real need.

This last criterion is essential and brings me to the second point.

open an online shop market

The essential market research

Yes, your product is probably great and you may even have found the goose that lays the golden eggs! That's all I wish you, but you might as well make sure. By conducting market research, you'll quickly find out if you're on the right track or if there's still time to change your mind.
Define your core target group

The aim here is to give a profile to your typical customer, the one who is most likely to be interested in your products, to be loyal to you, and to benefit their peers by sharing their interest in your online business.

Tracking your ideal customer to better attract them

Once you've found your target heart, it's time to study it to find out where on the web you are most likely to meet it.

So it's time to play spy on the social networks, and make a list of everything that can entice your ideal customer to join your online shop.

Finding the ideal supplier...

... and above all reliable! Many responsibilities rest on your supplier: the respect of delivery deadlines, the quality of the product, the quality of transport, the quality of service...

That's why you need to find a supplier you can rely on with confidence. Otherwise you risk spending a few sleepless nights stressing out while waiting for him to deign to meet his commitments...
Determining your positioning

The aim here is to identify the advantage that your site could offer over a competitor. The time has therefore come to list the strengths and weaknesses of the other players in your market, and to go in search of the (sometimes light) detail that will make all the difference.

Budgeting for everything

It's quite logical, no project is viable without a perfectly studied budget. But beware! Don't make the mistake of restricting yourself to budgeting for the creation of the site. In addition to this, there is the marketing and the purchase of the stock.

And that's for the pure financial part. On top of that, you need to think about allocating yourself a time budget. But what does time have to do with the budget part? Yes, I understand that you are upset about this.

So let me explain. Time is an important factor to take into account, because it is the time that will determine the deadline for your objectives. Would you like to put 3,000 product sheets online? How much time do you need to write them? You want to be operational by March and it's December? What deadline should you set for each of your tasks?

The expression "time is money" suddenly takes on its full meaning, doesn't it? 😉

create a budget online shop

Opening your e-commerce: the keys to success

Here we are! It's time to review a few useful tips to help your site take off quickly
The domain name and visual identity

Easily memorable and meaningful, here are 3 words that should define the identity of your e-commerce. Take some time to think about it, because once you have chosen it, your visual identity will follow you for a long time and will reflect the personality of your company.

However, don't misunderstand: even if it's useful, it's still secondary. So there's no point in spending all your money on high-end graphics before you've even earned your first euros by selling your products. You can start with a sober but effective design. Then, nothing prevents you from giving it a second life by improving it.

The choice of service providers

This has already been discussed in the section dedicated to suppliers, but it is not the only position you can delegate. Moreover, I strongly advise you not to embark on this adventure alone and want to completely manage the creation of your site, unless you are an IT whiz. If you are not, you will save precious time by entrusting this mission to a freelancer or an agency.

I know what you're thinking. Is this expense really worth it? You could save a lot of money by taking on this part yourself. So, for the time being, maybe yes. But creating a site doesn't take 5 minutes. What's more, this part requires certain technical skills, and a small grain of sand in the gears can have a negative impact on your business.

So don't neglect the choice of your service providers, the future of your shop depends on it.
Editorial content

Having a nice site, interesting products, a good supplier, it's great! Now, it won't necessarily be enough to convince your customers to buy from you and not from a competitor. No, given the plethora of websites that exist, you will have to stand out and attract attention. How do you do that?

There are many ways. But let's focus on what your customers are most interested in, and which will be the heart of your business: your products.

One of the reasons that can make Internet users hesitate on many sites is the lack of information available online. Technical data, advice on use and implementation, he needs to be reassured and be sure to make the right choice. And very often (too often), the web-entrepreneurs I accompany find this useless and tend to neglect their product sheets by simply writing 2 lines. The result? Sales don't take off.

Do you see what I'm getting at? Yes, you're going to have to take the time to fine-tune the description of your products. Don't worry, it's not like writing a novel. No, it's all about having an interesting text that brings real added value.

Payment solutions

It may seem secondary, but it is important to think about it sufficiently in advance. 2 reasons for this:

    The solution chosen depends largely on the target of your product. If it is young, you can directly put aside the cheque and opt for a credit card, like many e-merchants. Today, there are many payment solutions that offer you a secure and reliable service, which customers easily subscribe to, such as the essential PayPal. To find out more, here is a dedicated article.
    Depending on your choice, the banking procedures may take some time. It is therefore better to anticipate so that you don't find yourself with nothing when you launch your site. It would simply be prohibitive.

create an online shop payment

Legal notice

Yes, it's boring, it's true, but it's still compulsory. And above all, it's liable to a fine if you forget. Wouldn't it be a shame to have to spend money before you've even earned any? So don't neglect this administrative part.

Besides, there's no need to bother too much! As this is an exclusively legal field, do not hesitate to call on an expert to help you draft it. There are services that do this for you, such as cgv-pro. It's not free, but it will save you time and give you peace of mind.

The final test

That's it, you're close. Your site is ready to go online. Are you looking forward to it? Nothing could be more normal! But have you checked everything? A problem that occurs online can quickly ruin everything. So put yourself in the shoes of a customer and take the time to test every page. Why not ask someone close to you to simulate an order? An outside eye is always helpful.

You now have the right cards in hand to embark on this wonderful project of opening an e-commerce shop.

And if you want to go deeper into the subject, don't hesitate to read my complete guide. In addition to the points mentioned above, you will find other sound advice.

Thank you Olivier for this article which will probably encourage some of my readers to create an online shop. Friend reader, it's up to you! 


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