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Online Sales : The 7 Steps to Make More Money

7 Steps to Make More Money

You may be one of the internet users who have decided to open their own online shop to earn money on the web. Despite all your efforts, you are not managing to sel

 7 Steps to Make More Money

l your stock as planned, and you are wondering how to act to increase your sales. To help you in your approach, here are the 7 steps to make your business more successful on the internet.

1. Put your money on a REAL online shop

You can sell your articles on the Facebook Marketplace or on a blog created for free. But you'll never get as good results as with a real online shop. There are systems such as Prestashop, specially designed to develop a shop on the internet, which are relatively accessible to neophytes. You can also use Magento, or Woocommerce if you are used to the Wordpress environment. If you have an important project and a certain budget, invest in a custom-made site: the sum will quickly pay for itself, because if it is optimised for web referencing, it will allow you to reach more people and earn even more money. Search engines allow you to receive targeted, direct and free traffic. Obviously, a good ranking is earned: you must therefore become a reference shop.

2. Create a page linked to your activity on social networks

Many consumers are influenced by what they see on social networks. So, to reach out more easily on the web, create an Instagram account and a Facebook page to promote your shop or products. Add beautiful images that make people want to see them, and don't hesitate to spend a few dozen euros on sponsored posts. This way, more people will be exposed to your offers, which will increase your chances of selling.

3. Show your products from all angles

As you probably already know, you can't sell a product on the internet without offering a very good quality photo. But this indispensable basis is not always enough. For clothes, for example, we like to see all the angles, or to zoom in on certain details. The same goes for all jewellery and handmade creations. To give a better idea of the quality of the products offered for purchase, you can present them in videos, which will help visitors to better project themselves.

4. Create a blog about your activity

Alongside your shop, why not become a blogger? Concretely, if you sell candles that you make yourself, for example, you can write texts around this theme to show your expertise in your field. If you design jewellery and clothing, your articles will talk about fashion - they will be more oriented towards the "lifestyle" world if you offer decorations for the home. The blog makes it easier to reference your product pages so that they can be found more easily on search engines. At the same time, it is an indispensable tool for creating a link with your community.

5. Contact influencers to build partnerships

Millions of products are available for sale on the internet, and you certainly have several direct competitors who are overshadowing you. How can you stand out? Your blog will help you, as will the design of a fluid and aesthetic site. But to stand out even more, get support from personalities already known on the internet. Get in touch with influencers and try to seduce them with your products. If they like them, they will agree to form a partnership with you and talk about your creations to their fans... The larger the influencer's community is, the more significant the spin-offs!

6. Carry out promotional operations

All pretexts are good to attract visitors to your online shop: Christmas, back to school, holidays, sales, Black Friday, Blue Monday, Valentine's Day, etc. Don't hesitate, as soon as the opportunity arises, to apply discounts that will allow you to sell your stock more easily. Ideally, cultivate a sense of urgency by offering promotional codes valid for a limited time. Finally, communicate through newsletters and social networks so that as many people as possible are aware of the current offer.

7. Reassuring the consumer

Finally, no one will buy anything on your site without feeling completely confident. To do this, take the necessary steps to secure your pages and, above all, guarantee the payment process. If you do not have the possibility of adding a credit card payment module, just use PayPal, which remains a safe bet. Provide a "Customer Service" or "Contact us" section with at least one form - or even a telephone number - so that we can contact you in the event of a problem. In the face of competition from the web giants, online shops can make the most of their originality, the close relationship they cultivate with their customers and their exemplary pre- and after-sales service. You can therefore try your luck or succeed in winning more money, provided you follow the essential steps we have just advised you.


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