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Make Money With PayPal: 5 Tips and the Best Websites

5 Tips To Make Money With PayPal


5 Tips To Make Money With PayPal

Above all assimilated to a simple and secure means of payment on the internet, PayPal is at the same time a relevant solution in order to obtain money. Indeed, when you open a PayPal account, you can deposit money into it in order to make your purchases with it. But you can also use it to receive payments from third parties: here is an overview of the different Tips and sites for filling up your own account.

1. Paid surveys

Several survey websites, such as Mon Opinion Compte, Swagbucks, or Toluna, regularly offer paid surveys to Internet users. The latter take a few minutes to answer questions about their consumption habits or the composition of their household, for example, and in exchange receive credits on the website. Not all online platforms work in exactly the same way, but they do offer the possibility of a PayPal payment after a certain time, after accumulating several responses to the statistical studies.

In some cases, it is enough to group together a few euros to be able to have a first PayPal payment. Little by little, you can therefore add money to this account and then use it as you wish (by paying directly for your purchases with PayPal or by making a transfer to your current account).

2. Paid missions

More and more companies are developing applications that give users paid assignments: they have to go to a shop near their home to take photos, share their opinion on products they know well, or even raise the prices of different references in targeted shops.

Sites such as Moolineo and Loonea or applications such as BemyEye make it possible to engage in this practice. The arguments of these two platforms remain broadly similar, since the aim is to earn easy money on one's free time, without having to actually work and without any skill or diploma requirements.

Once again, these applications include in their system a direct payment by PayPal. The missions are not all remunerated at the same level: the most interesting are those that logically require the most effort. But if you start to get into the habit of doing a few small assignments fairly regularly, you will quickly find a source of additional income.

3. Monetizing smartphone unlocking

Some applications on your smartphone also allow you to earn money on PayPal. When you install them, they broadcast a short ad that appears every time you unlock your phone.

Each time you unlock your phone, you make a small amount of money, and when you use social networks quite intensively or check your emails several times a day, the accumulation can quickly become interesting. Once again, the platforms offer different rewards, since you can get gifts or discount coupons. But if you wish, you also have access to a payment of your points balance via PayPal, which allows you to earn money directly - and effortlessly.

4. Enjoy cashback on your online purchases

Cashback applications such as eBuyClub and iGraal work very simply: every time you make a purchase on a partner website, you receive a refund on your PayPal account. The amount corresponds to a percentage of your shopping cart, which varies depending on the sales site and department. At certain times, cashback websites also carry out exceptional operations that allow you to earn more money from your online purchases.

These platforms are synchronised with your PayPal account: as soon as you have accumulated cashback money, you can use it as you wish.

5. Sell what you don't need and bail out your PayPal account.

More generally, PayPal is a method of payment accepted on many sites selling between individuals such as eBay or Vinted. All you have to do is to put online the ads of the items you wish to part with, and the buyer will pay the money through PayPal. For his part, he will have the certainty of having access to an extremely reliable payment solution. As for you, you will quickly pocket the money and will be able to decide how it will be used.

If you are looking to earn money easily on the internet, we strongly advise you to create your PayPal account (via this page): it's free, secure and opens many doors for you. Moreover, when you order products on the web, having a PayPal customer area allows you to pay for your purchases without having to re-enter your bank details and without giving up the protection of your data. Another argument that should appeal to the most sceptical!

Of course, since PayPal is still an area where money can transit, beware of hackers: choose a password that is difficult to guess, don't divulge it to anyone and activate two-factor authentication to protect yourself from hackers.



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