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How to Recognize a Serious Online Websites?

recognize a serious online websites

 How to Recognize a Serious Online Websites?

Nowadays, many people browse different websites without knowing whether they are reliable or not. Unfortunately, there are some fraudulent sites that exist only to retrieve your personal data, scam you, etc. So, how do you recognise a serious and trustworthy site? We take stock!

Check the HTTPS protocol

The first thing to check absolutely to recognise whether a website is reliable is whether the site has an HTTPS protocol. This is a very important criterion to take into account when visiting an online shop, as it means that your personal information such as a credit card number, your password will be private and encrypted when you send it to the site. Note that the protocol is in the first position in the search bar. If "HTTPS" does not appear in the URL address of the page or if you do not see a "small padlock", it is strongly recommended that you leave the site.

Legal notice

On commercial sites, the owners must obligatorily quote the legal notices. This is a page where the visitor finds the owner's name, contact details, Siret number, etc. If, while visiting the online shop, you do not find the "legal notices" page, run away! Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to check the presence of the general terms and conditions of sale (GTC) on an e-commerce site. This is a page that explains the delivery and withdrawal conditions, delivery time, price, etc. With this, there are no unpleasant surprises! Operating licence for gambling sites If you like to bet on your favourite sports or play slot machines on the Internet, it is essential to take the above into account. However, the best way to ensure the legitimacy of a sports betting site or online casino is to carefully examine the mention of its operating licence. The presentation of the site If the website is poorly organised, it may not be reliable. Fraudulent sites often contain overflowing text, out-of-centre images, unrecognised characters, etc. In short, the owner does not take enough time to take care of the presentation of his website.

Social networks

In general, unreliable sites have no presence on social networks. They may display social media logos at the bottom of the page, but they are not clickable or point to inactive or disabled accounts. If this is the case, go on your way! If the site has many accounts on social networks, remember to look at the number of likes/followers, a very small number may look suspicious.


Sometimes you only need to check the spelling to find out whether the website is trustworthy or not. In most cases, a fake site contains tons of spelling or grammar mistakes and they are very easy to spot. All you have to do is take a look at the website. If you notice that the mistakes are repeated often enough, close the window!

Check customer review websites

It is also good practice to consult sites that collect opinions of consumers who have already used the website you wish to check the legitimacy of. One of the best known is called TrustPilot, simply search for the company on their site and you will see the 5-star ratings that other users have written. If the site does not appear on TrustPilot, this is already not a very good sign... But you can still continue your investigation by searching on Google "website name + reviews" and see if you get satisfactory results.


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