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It's hard to believe that Amazon started as a small website selling used books. The world's largest marketplace, now worth over $602 billion, continues to grow exponentially, and some financial experts predict that the company will soon be worth $1 trillion.

Amazon is not only your place of choice for online shopping, the company also produces TV shows and movies through Amazon Studios, and for $13 billion, has claimed a stake in the grocery sector with the purchase of Whole Foods in 2020. Amazon also owns Zappos, IMBD, Audible, Goodreads and, to name a few.

As the company grows, its market for vendors is growing, and because the company offers many different services and products, they are able to create unique jobs for people who want to earn extra money, work from home and of course, become an entrepreneur.

If you're ready to explore ways to make money with Amazon, here are some of the best options.

Some merchants choose to ship the products themselves to avoid high fees on Amazon. There are pros and cons to doing this, but if your product sells in high volume, it makes more sense to ship it via Amazon FBA.

Of all the options listed in this article on how to make money with Amazon, becoming a seller has the greatest opportunity for you to earn a fairly large income, but it also involves the most research and uncertainty.

Selling a product on Amazon can be a great way to earn extra income, but don't start selling without first understanding what's involved. You run the risk of losing money if you don't do your research first.

5 tips for selling on Amazon

Sell an item from 30 to 50 $ and aim for margins of 20 $, if possible.

Make sure you have enough inventory at least 3-6 months before the holidays. Fill up your tank, because your sales will (hopefully) ride the holiday wave.

If you are sourcing from China, be aware that China has a lot of holidays, especially Chinese New Year. Basically, this means that China is closed for about a month between February and March.

Make sure you calculate Amazon's charges carefully. Amazon's discount is significant, from the shipping cost to the subscription of your seller account. There are many calculators that Amazon sellers have created, to help bring transparency to a seller's cost, so you can calculate your revenue accurately.

Similar to number four, also carefully calculate your shipping costs. If you're sourcing from China, understand how shipping costs will affect your bottom line.

Private Label on Amazon

In order to avoid some of the competition on Amazon, many sellers have chosen to label their items as Private Label, which means that they buy merchandise from a manufacturer and put their brand on it before reselling it.

The advantage of selling your product under your own brand on Amazon is that you always have full control over your list and can make changes to your product if you need to. Suppose your customers complain about a particular feature of your product, then you can make changes to it.

For example, let's say you sold pencils, but noticed that many negative reviews mentioned that they wanted the eraser to work better and the pencil itself to be wider, for better grip. You can then take these recommendations and create your own pencil and patent it.

Earn money with amazon easily

Retail arbitrage with Amazon

This is the opposite of private label. Retail arbitrage simply means buying products in local retail shops and then selling those same products on Amazon. Some sellers make their living solely through retail arbitrage and have carved out a very lucrative niche for themselves.

As a result, many sellers spend a lot of time browsing their local Marketplace to find the best and cheapest deals on just about anything. They buy just as many clearance items and then resell them on Amazon.

Retail Arbitrage, however, is not for everyone, as it takes a lot of research and time to find places that have crazy deals and clearance sales (there are even sites you can subscribe to that will give you the scoop on where to go for the cheapest clearance sales), and will most likely involve going to the shop to pick up the items.

Amazon Flex

Launched in December 2015, the Amazon Flex service allows individuals to become delivery drivers for Amazon.

Amazon's same-day delivery option for customers has created a need for additional support for delivery to various metropolitan areas. If you have a reliable car and a smartphone, consider delivering goods via Amazon Prime.

Amazon Flex currently pays between €20 and €30 per hour and you need to download the application and answer a few simple questions before you start. They focus on flexibility and shift availability, but the disadvantage is that there may not always be opportunities in your area.

I have a friend who does this to earn extra income, and he says he often finishes work early, but is always paid for the full five hours, or predefined hours.

Of course, this may not be true for everyone who delivers for Amazon, but it's good to know that you can finish early but still be compensated for the agreed time.

Amazon Work From Home Customer Service

If you want a job where you can be at home, consider a place in a home customer service job, also known as Amazon Work From Home.

Remote opportunities at Amazon are not available everywhere, but if you live in a certain area, you may be able to apply for Amazon's 'work from home' jobs, as you are qualified and suitable for the position.

The basic salary is €10 per hour and full-time and part-time positions are only available in certain regions, however, you can filter your search by category of homework and location.

This is more of a seasonal position, but has the potential to become permanent.

There are all kinds of positions listed, such as customer service representative positions for those who speak a second language other than French.

There are also non-customer service positions for which those with qualified technical training could potentially apply, such as account managers and technical trainer.

Become an Amazon Partner, Amazon Partners

Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate passive revenue if you have a blog or social network account that generates a decent amount of traffic.

Become an Amazon affiliate and earn commission by putting special affiliate links to various Amazon products on your site.

The idea is to promote products that match the theme of your blog or website. So if you have a website about how to travel efficiently, you can promote travel items.

Every time someone who passes through your website clicks on the affiliate link, you earn money. You can earn 4% to 8.5% from a sale.

Keep in mind that commissions are usually very low, so you need a large amount of traffic to your site.

The more page views you get, the more likely it is that links will get clicks. No traffic means that no one will click on those links.

Amazon offers a progressive earnings structure on most merchandise and the more clicks and purchases you get on your site, the more you can earn.

Publish an eBook on Amazon

You can self-publish an ebook on Amazon, and every time you sell, Amazon takes a percentage, ranging from 35 to 70% of the sale.

You can write and publish something you're passionate about. Many of the ebooks I've read are not very long either - many are less than 100 pages and are very consumable.

If you enjoy writing or have knowledge about certain subjects, consider writing an ebook and selling it on Amazon.

As with anything you publish online, you'll need to be proactive in promoting it, spreading the word and marketing it. Just because you publish it on Amazon doesn't mean that customers will buy your book all the time.

You can use Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon to get started.

Join Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or MTurk, is a way to earn small amounts of money by performing simple and nonsensical tasks.

MTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace that was created to bridge the gap between what a computer cannot do and what a human can do. Amazon calls it the "Human Intelligence Task".

It includes data entry, transcription, categorization, image recognition, to name a few.

You probably won't make a lot of money, but it's easy to do and anyone can do it.

Sell your graphic designs with Amazon Merch

Basically, you can submit a t-shirt design to sell on the Amazon Marketplace (, .de and only). As with many ways to make money with Amazon, it can be really competitive.

It probably won't make you rich, and you might not even sell any of your designs, but it doesn't cost you anything to try, so if you're creative and know how to make cool designs, it might be worth it.

Opportunities to sell a design can be closely linked to timely or seasonal things - such as t-shirts for Christmas. If you want to follow trends and understand what people might be interested in, on a jumper, try it on.

As with many sales opportunities on Amazon, you need to get approval from Amazon before you can put your designs on.

Sell handmade products on Amazon Handmade

In addition to dominating the sales market, if you make and sell handmade items, such as bags or jewellery, you can try to sell your items on Amazon Handmade.

The market is in direct competition with Etsy and eBay.

There are advantages and disadvantages to selling on Amazon Handmade. On the one hand, the general scope is large, and their commission fees reflect this.

Handmade's fees are much higher than other marketplaces, as they charge a 15% commission and a minimum referral fee of 1 euro, while Etsy for example charges a 3.5% commission.

Obviously, you pay a higher price for Amazon's large global audience, but your profit margins will be lower.

If you manufacture and sell handmade items, you can apply to join Handmade, as long as your products fall under certain categories and must be made "entirely by hand, hand-modified or hand-assembled (not from a kit) by you or one of your employees.


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