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Earning money on redbubble: How to sell successfully?

 Earning money on redbubble: How to sell successfully?

customised t-shirt shop - sell and earn money on redbubble

Sell your Design and earn money on Redbubble?

Creating a custom t-shirt shop to sell and earn money on redbubble is one of the most accessible activities nowadays. If you don't have one, I highly recommend it.

If you don't have one, I highly recommend it. You could tell me that you're not a graphic designer or that you don't know how to use a graphic design software like Photoshop. Let me tell you this: You don't need it that much, fortunately. There are a number of tools available to allow anyone to design graphic creations, whether they are text-based (quotes, expressions or simple words). or digital drawings. There is Canva which I use whether on PC or on mobile phone which offers hundreds of models that you can personalise and put on sale.

You could even sell your photos or find royalty-free photos and graphic designs that you could sell on redbubble by offering them on tee-shirts, masks or any other media offered by print-on-demand sites in your custom t-shirt shop.

I hope I've convinced you. For those who have a custom t-shirt shop on, the main concern is to be able to make sales and multiply them.

In this article, I share with you a few tips that will have a significant influence on your turnover.

In order to sell on redbubble, it is important to understand your target audience and what they are looking for. Here are a few tips that will help you increase your sales volume. These are things that many sellers don't do.

1. Use the Redbubble dashboard to make decisions.

customised t-shirt shop - sell and earn money on redbubble

You have a dashboard that provides you with valuable information for your sales activity.

For example, you can find out which of your works sell the most on your sales history. This is confidential information, accessible to you and Redbubble.

If you have a design that generates sales and therefore makes you money, you can make sure that all possible products are activated for that design. You could also do a search to find products similar to yours, you may find that you are selling because the competition in this category is low. This gives you the opportunity to create other designs in the same theme to increase your sales.

On the other hand, if one of your designs suddenly stops selling, you could do a search and check to see if you have been copied. If this is the case, you can complain to Redbubble and ask for the copies to be deleted.

Also note that linking your shop to Google Analytics gives you a dashboard with much more detailed data to make the best decisions. Click here for more information.

2. Customize your artist profile

Personalizing and presenting your artist profile on Redbubble is very important.

Your shop works like any other e-commerce site. Don't make the mistake of putting your designs online and crossing your arms hoping that sales will rain down. Users want to know that there is a human behind the artwork they buy.

Create a nice banner that represents you, a nice profile picture, write a description section and add your social network accounts.

Take it seriously. Anyone who visits your custom t-shirt shop or sees one of your products should want to see your profile and if possible follow you.

3. Think first about the product and then about the artwork or design.

Your design may look great, but it only has value if it goes well with the object on which it is printed. Redbubble customers are primarily looking for printed products (objects), not designs.

You should have an idea during the design process of which products can be used as a carrier. At best, you already know from the start which products you are working for. Your design can go perfectly with a T-shirt, however, printed as a poster, it would be boring.

Suppose you have a design that goes well with T-shirts, but doesn't impress as a poster. Redbubble allows you to create different designs for different products. So you could create another version of your design for posters.

I don't recommend this process systematically for all designs, however you should consider it where appropriate. It could generate more sales and ensure you have satisfied customers.

4. Concentrate on products with less competition and the least saturated themes.

There are products on Redbubble that are more popular and on which there is bound to be a lot more competition. Most sellers focus their designs on t-shirts and very few other products.

You might want to look for products and themes where there is less competition, sort them into the top sellers and focus on them.

5. Put yourself in the customers' shoes

At this stage it is very important to put yourself in your clients' shoes to understand things from their perspective - I can guarantee you will learn a lot.

I recommend that you search using your own keywords to try and see how your products rank in the search results.

Here is the question you should ask yourself:

Do my products appear well in the search results pages? If not, which products are displayed on the results page? What do you notice? Are there any differences between the products displayed and yours? You should analyse the keywords and descriptions they used.

One of the things you often notice in the search results is that most of the products look similar. You should be able to differentiate yours by, for example, changing the default background colours for t-shirts.

6. Drive traffic to your products through your blog or portfolio.

You could display the links from your custom t-shirt shop on your social networking pages. However, if you want to improve your ranking on Google and Redbubble, I strongly advise you to create links to your products or designs from your own website or blog. This contributes greatly to giving you a better ranking in Google and Redbubble search results.

Here's how it works

You have a blog article with a keyword on which you place a link to your design page.

On this basis Google modifies the positioning of your page among the search results on this keyword or this term.

This brings you more traffic from Google to your custom t-shirt shop.

This generates more sales because Redbubble also increases the ranking of your page.

So?! That says it all! Owning a blog or a portfolio website are absolutely great ideas especially when it comes to improving your ranking in Google search results and even on Redbubble.

Fortunately, it is possible to start a blog with a very low budget or even without a budget.

7. Understanding Redbubble customers and creating designs that they like

You should note that the designs that sell the most on Redbubble are of the pop genre, based on internet culture or current events. So if you want to create designs that sell, you should try to understand what visitors want, their tastes and current research trends.

So take your time and look at the research trends on the site often. This could inspire you to create designs that interest visitors and therefore sell.

It should be noted that Redbubble fights a lot against copying works. So it's not enough to copy a work that sells well, but to be inspired to create your own.

Also note that works that sell quickly become a subject of inspiration for other sellers. The market therefore tends to saturate very quickly.

Here's my advice, if you have a best-selling design on the Turin Juventus, don't reproduce a new design on the Turin Juventus. Instead, think about designing a design on Cristiano Ronaldo or rather on the stadium of the Juventus of Turin.


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