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Designing and selling T-shirts online can be very profitable.

 Designing and selling T-shirts online can be very profitable.


selling T-shirts online

Today it is the "must have" of all our wardrobes: adapting to all styles, to everyone and remaining accessible to all budgets. Many people decide to embark on the adventure of the personalised T-shirt in 2021. This opportunity is one of the good ideas for making money on the internet because it can pay really big after taking a few steps.

If you, too, would like to try your luck and have some time and creativity, here are some tips on how to sell your own designs and create your own brand.

Selling T-shirts: an easy field to work in

Today, the T-shirt market is extremely profitable, both dynamic and buoyant. It represents one of the biggest pillars of fashion, due to its universal and timeless character, as it manages to reinvent itself every year through new cuts, new patterns, etc.

However, this market is somewhat saturated by competition: the many advantages of creating and selling personalised T-shirts - especially online - have attracted a lot of attention! In other words, you are not alone in this segment: it is therefore imperative to study the offer already on offer and the demand from customers before taking the plunge.

This is one of the few products on which it is possible to make large margins. You can earn a lot of money: since the bases sell for a few euros (between 1$ and 2$ each) and the finished products between $12 and $45, the profitability is terribly attractive.

What's more, this product is easily marketable on the internet. It doesn't really require a fitting (especially with the fashion for "oversized" T-shirts) and there is really something for all tastes (humorous, graphic...), and for all audiences (young children, pregnant women...). Note that you can choose to target one of these segments, to concentrate your activity and try to be more visible compared to the competition.

Start your activity

Now aware of the realities of this market, two solutions are available to you to ensure the future marketing of your creations: partially outsource your activity or remain totally independent.

Sell your personalised T-shirts via specialised sites

If you want to relieve yourself of the burden of manufacturing and delivery and focus solely on the design creation and communication of your products, you can choose to go through specialised sites. Among the most well-known are the following three:

    Spreadshirt, which offers a solution for printing and sending garments with your designs. You can either import it or create one, thanks to their personalisation tool. Not to mention that you can take advantage of the MarketPlace area of the site to refer customers to your own blog or online shop,

    Tunetoo, based on the same principle, which takes care of manufacturing and delivery: with it, create a design, define the level of your commission and that's it!

    TeeSpring, similar to Spreadshirt, which allows you to launch sales campaigns with different designs. Based on the crowdfounding principle, a campaign is only made and carried out if it reaches the objectives set by the designer (for example, if you decide to sell 50 T-shirts in 15 days and you don't reach your objectives, the campaign will be cancelled and you will not get anything). This is a definite advantage as you run no risk.

Create your own brand

If you decide to go freelance, be aware that you will need to invest a minimum amount of time and money to achieve your goals. Firstly, it is important to carry out a comprehensive market research: should you choose one segment over another? What type of personalised T-shirt does your target group prefer? What is your break-even point? What price for your designs? etc.

After this study comes the reflection on the image of your brand, your commercial strategy, your sales objectives, etc. These are absolutely necessary steps to make money from your business in the short and long term. It is also during this period that you need to contact potential sub-contracting partners, to ensure the printing of your T-shirts, for example.

 Please note that if you choose to print them yourself, you need to find out about the different types of printing to value them. There are three types: stencil, digital transfer or screen printing, all with varying levels of quality. However, it is preferable to use screen printing, even if it is more expensive (particularly because it can only be done by a professional with special know-how), it ensures a better quality rendering which will be an asset for your sales!

Finally, in order to market your brand of clothing in good conditions, you need to take a few legal steps, in particular :

    Registering the brand with the INPI to protect the identity and representation of your new activity,
    The creation of a company that will quickly become indispensable if your business starts to bring in regular income.

These steps can be frightening for beginners. However, they are not complex, but just require a little time at the start. Nothing insurmountable, therefore.

To conclude, the T-shirt market is an easy market to enter, thanks to its many launch opportunities and online availability, but it is also a highly competitive market that requires that you don't launch without careful thought about how to reach your target. Otherwise the adventure risks becoming costly and time-consuming...


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