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6 Bad Habits To Become Poor

6 Bad Habits To Become Poor

6 Bad Habits To Become Poor

A poor man with little money
You may not realise it, but certain reflexes that you have adopted on a daily basis contribute to your progressive impoverishment. You don't always pay attention to them, but when you think about it, you see your purchasing power drop... without knowing how to remedy the situation. So here's an article to help you better identify the bad habits that weigh on your budget, with the aim of correcting them as quickly as possible. We've identified the 6 main ones that make you become and remain poor. Whatever the problem to be solved, it is sometimes interesting to present it upside down to become aware of our mistakes and find the appropriate solutions. So here is how to concretely make yourself poorer:

1. Consume without looking for assets

If you only consume "passive" products, products that don't make you money, you become poorer every day. Conversely, there are ways to spend and get more money later on. For example, if you buy a nice car, you know you'll sell it for less because its value will drop over time... Not to mention what it will cost you in fuel, insurance and maintenance for several years. On the other hand, you can invest in rental real estate and thus earn rent every month, or even start a business on the internet that will earn you a lot of money, not forgetting that it is also possible to create (a book, handicrafts, etc.) with the aim of selling.

2. Envy the rich and stay passive

Many people are envious of the richest: they do not hesitate to say that they would like to have the same standard of living, but that on their own scale this is not possible. It is absolutely necessary to stop thinking in this way and abandon these false beliefs: you can become rich one day if you give yourself the means to do so. Rather than envy these individuals, take the time to observe them, to look at how they proceed to reach this level of income. Don't hesitate to draw inspiration from them to build your own project; one that will enable you, in the more or less long term, to be rich in your turn.

3. Staying stuck in a precarious job

You may be impoverished because you don't dare to move forward. Very concretely, you can have a job that barely allows you to make ends meet, but at least it is secure and offers you a minimum income every month. It is obviously important to consider job security, especially in times of economic crisis. However, if you want to get rich, that's not enough and you're going to have to get out of your comfort zone. What if you stop relying on your achievements and start a business? This is often the way to get out of poverty by earning more money. Many people live in precarious situations because they favour security, but you can give up and give yourself every chance to see your life change thanks to your talents and your ability to innovate.

4. Neglecting to keep track of your accounts

Indeed, if you don't comb through all your expenses with a fine-tooth comb, your state of poverty won't jump out at you. You may even think that it's all right, since you're not overdrawn and you have enough money to pay your bills. However, only by becoming aware of the realities will you be able to reverse the trend and stop getting poorer. Good budget management and accounting is essential. Take your bank statements, highlight all your unnecessary expenses and do what you can to stop them as soon as possible. You can also get help from specialized mobile applications in the field of financial management, in particular with the aim of being able to put money aside every month.

5. Cultivate limiting beliefs

Do you come from a modest background and think that you are not "programmed" to become rich? Are you convinced that all the people who have made a fortune have had to manipulate others and do things that are not honourable? Challenge all these false beliefs that are definitely preventing you from progressing! Don't be afraid to try, because if you don't try to change things, you will certainly keep the same standard of living... Or even continue to lose money month after month. Don't hesitate to surround yourself with people who inspire you and who have goals close to yours, to exchange with them, to inspire you, and to help you change your perception of the world.

6. Being impatient

Rome wasn't built in a day... So if you're hoping to go from middle class to wealthy in just a few months, you're bound to burn your wings. Don't forget that what you sow today may bear fruit in 6 months, two or even three years, depending on the case. Your impatience can be counterproductive and push you to act impulsively without measuring the consequences of your initiatives. Unfortunately, some people have become poor overnight, spending all their money on casino games for example. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, stay calm and remember that rich people are generally able to withstand stress and patience. Anyone can change their life and see their income level rise, provided that they are aware of their value and take matters into their own hands and are not afraid to take risks sometimes too. If you want a better life, don't hesitate to seek advice to avoid making mistakes.


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