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11 ideas to Make Money With Your House, Garden On 2021

11 ideas to Make Money With Your House, Garden

Make Money With Your House


In this short article I will present different solutions that can help you make money with your house or garden, or your car park if you own one. All in all, in this article I will present you about ten possibilities to make your property profitable.

Most of the solutions that I will discuss in this article revolve mainly around renting, so the status of owner is generally compulsory.

Renting storage space

To earn money with your house you can rent an empty room to private individuals so that it can be used as storage space.

Several sites are specialised in this service, such as: Ouistock, Jestocke and Costockage.

Thanks to this solution, you can expect to earn several tens of euros per week, and maybe even more depending on the location, security, condition and size of the room to be rented.

By the way, I have a blogger friend who has written a very complete article on the subject if you are interested, here is the link:

Rent a guest room

In order to earn money with a house you can also consider renting a furnished room to private individuals such as students.

Here too there are specialised sites for this service, such as Cohébergement or Bedycasa.

Renting your house when it is not occupied, even for a weekend.

If you have a second home, or if you want to earn money when you go on holiday or on weekends, you can rent your house even on a very short term basis.

To do this, there are sites that allow you to connect individuals interested in this kind of service, such as the Airbnb site, which is currently very successful.

Even if you don't live in a very touristy area, there is still money to be made, because this service is not only of interest to tourists, it can also be suitable for professionals on business trips, for example.

Renting your house for a film shoot

Renting out your house for a film shoot or photo session can really be a very good way to earn money, as this quote from the real estate website shows:

    According to the agency 20.000 Lieux, the price of a rental for a photo shoot varies between 800 and 1000 euros per day. The amount climbs for a shoot: it generally oscillates between 1500 and 3000 euros per day, or even more if the location is really unique.

Source of quotation:

For more information on this subject, and if you are interested, you can consult some specialised sites such as: 20 000 Lieux, Cast' Things and Elux.

You can also rent your furniture, and even a pet...

For a cheaper holiday: exchange your house or apartment.

This concept is becoming increasingly successful, the principle is simple: you exchange your house with a family for a short period of time.

It mainly saves money by avoiding renting a house during the holidays.

There are sites that connect individuals from all over the world to access this kind of simpler service, such as, GuestToGuest and

However, these kinds of sites do not offer this service free of charge, and often require an annual subscription fee of between 70 and 130 euros. But this can quickly pay for itself given the potential savings.

You don't have to be a homeowner to participate in a home exchange.

For more information on this subject, here is a short report:

Renting your roof or a plot of land to a company specialising in photovoltaics

To earn money with your house or garden, you might consider renting out your roof or a plot of land to a company specialising in photovoltaic solar panels.

For more information on this subject I advise you to read this very detailed article:

And here are some examples of companies that offer this service: Solareo, Solewa and Les énergies renouvelables.

You can also consider investing in photovoltaics yourself, more information here:

Renting your garden for camping

Camping in a private home is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular. If you have a garden, hosting campers from time to time can be a good way to earn money.

 Of course you are completely free in terms of rates and on certain camping conditions, for example you can choose to welcome only tent campers and refuse camper vans. It is also a good solution to meet new people.

To offer this service you can go through sites such as Gamping and Owlcamp.

Share your garden

So it's not really about making money, it's more a matter of a good process exchange.

Garden-sharing is about offering private individuals the possibility of maintaining a vegetable garden at the owner's place. In exchange for this service one can for example receive part of the harvest, advice or simply maintenance of the garden.

I even came across an advertisement from a beekeeper who was looking for a garden capable of hosting beehives, in exchange for honey, pollenisation and initiation to this activity, personally I found it very interesting.

So here it is not a question of earning money, but rather of saving money, saving time, saving knowledge, etc... here again it is also an opportunity to make good encounters, it is a very interesting concept.

For more information on this subject I invite you to visit, and

Maintain a vegetable garden or make a small breeding farm

To make your garden profitable, you can also think about maintaining a vegetable garden or raising animals such as chickens to obtain fresh eggs.

Here again it is not a question of earning money, although the fruits of one's labour can be sold, but rather of saving money.

If you are rather good at gardening you can also consider giving lessons.

Renting a parking space or a garage

It is a service that operates mainly in large cities, as it is not always easy to find a free parking space. It has met with some success, and many people turn to investing in a car park or garage.

Some owners rent their parking space or garage only at certain hours, or during the day when they are away. This makes an unused private parking space profitable, so this is a good thing.

I am not a connoisseur in this field, but I think that a garage is still more interesting than a simple parking space, thanks to the security it provides.

Here again there are specialised sites to offer or access this kind of service, such as Monsieur Parking or

Unusual but not uninteresting idea: calling in a treasure hunter

If you have a relatively large garden, you can call on enthusiasts, professionals, treasure hunters, metal detectors, to hope to find valuables (not necessarily in terms of money, it depends on each one).

It's an unusual idea, but no less interesting. The law is complicated on the subject, but it allows the use of a metal detector on private property on condition that both people - the owner and the researcher - sign a research protocol, which will specify among other things what percentage of the finds will be kept by each of the two parties.


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