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8 ways to make money as a student


Even if you are not yet in the workforce, you can start earning money during your studies, thanks to different practices that you will choose according to your preferences, availability and aspirations. Here are 8 ideas that should allow you to round out your ends of the month, or even allow yourself some small pleasures from time to time. This remuneration can be quickly completed with the 10 best sites to get money in 2021.

1. Distributing flyers, leaflets or conducting surveys in the street

Communication agencies still need people to go and ask questions to rough sleepers (consumer surveys, public opinion research). If you feel comfortable talking to strangers, you can simply apply to the companies in your city that offer these jobs.

Otherwise, if you are not afraid to walk, you can distribute advertisements, whether flyers or leaflets. Occasionally, street marketing companies also ask young people to come and present a product or host an event on a stand for a weekend or for a few hours.

2. 2. Choose personal services, according to their own abilities.

Through word-of-mouth, in-store advertisements or dedicated platforms, you can search for requests from individuals in need of help in all areas :

  •     If you are a student with BAFA or if you like children, you have every chance of finding a job as a babysitter or tutor.
  •     If you prefer animals, you should know that many people who are often away from home are looking for a pet sitter to look after their little companions.
  •     For the more manual ones, other gardening, DIY or cleaning jobs are regularly published on these platforms.

This is a great way to earn a little money, while working easily outside of school hours.

3. Working at home, on your computer

Without even having to go from home, you can earn money behind your computer, which will save you trips in addition to the ones you already take to class.

Again, the choice of activity will depend on your skills: you can do translation, proofreading, writing product sheets, graphic design or online data entry, among other things (see our Homework category to discover existing solutions).

On websites offering tasks to be performed, answer the requests that seem honest to you. If you can write quickly and deliver a clean job, you will increase your notoriety on the platform, allowing you to land more contracts.

4. Monetize your presence on social networks

All students have a perfect command of social networks, not least because they were born with them. If you're looking for a career in communications, you can start making your YouTube channel, blog or Instagram account work for you right now. To do so, try to get partnerships with brands.

Above all, you need to develop your community: you will only be trusted if you have a minimum of followers. Once you have entered this virtuous circle, you will have more and more fans and you will be offered more and more things, which will logically increase the amounts of your partnerships.

5. Become a tester, on the web or in the medical field

There are different ways to become a tester: you can be paid to manipulate a website or an application under development. You are often asked to provide a document containing your comments on various points, and you are paid in exchange for the time you spend on the interface.

But if you want to claim higher sums, you should know that clinical trials are better paid. On the other hand, they involve more constraints (schedules, search for specific profiles) and can frighten some people who are uncomfortable with the idea of being stung, for example.

6. Finding a student job

Of course, the first solution that comes to mind when looking to earn money is to find a student job. Several companies (fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, fashion shops) recruit young people for small contracts of a few hours a week. Generally, they remain flexible to adapt to the course timetable. However, since there are many candidates, you have to be particularly willing to get a job.

7. Selling lessons or homework

Learning at school generally requires the production of a large amount of written material for each subject covered. These are essential for organising oneself and then grasping the knowledge that will be necessary for the exercise of one's future profession. If you have quality courses or assignments on hand, you should be aware that they may be of importance to other students.

On the internet, it is easy to sell documents to earn money. However, your courses must be well written, legible and complete. And if none of your current documents seem appropriate for this practice, think about it now so that you can sell the ones that come in.

8. Using mobile apps to earn euros effortlessly

Some applications allow you to earn small amounts of money by carrying out simple tasks. This is the case with Clic and Walk (downloadable from Google Play or App Store depending on your smartphone's system) and Mobeye (also available from Google Play or App Store).

The first one will invite you to take photos of all kinds: sometimes the job will consist of photographing all your cosmetics, then giving your opinion on the one you prefer. In other cases, you will be asked to capture the image of a product, its price and its packaging (highlighted on the shelf) in the shop. The second application is in the form of small questionnaires, to be filled in by going to nearby supermarkets and shops.

Once you have found the trick(s) to earn money as a student, your new mission is to learn how to manage a budget to save as much money as possible (here again, a few tips may help you spend less).


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