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Earn Money With CPA Offers 2021

 Earn money with CPA Offers

Earn Money With CPA Offers 2021

In this article I will show you a simple, free and innovative way to earn a lot of money with CPA offers and social networks (Facebook, Twitter...).

For those who don't know what a CPA (Cost Per Action) is... these are sites (companies) that pay you to push people to do something (like filling in a form) and pay you for each action.

For example, there are CPAs that pay $1 for every person who enters their email in a form. So if that person is the one who sent it on the CPA offer page you will earn $1. Imagine if 100 or 500 people do this how much you will earn!

The first thing you have to do is to register with CPA and find some offers that you will promote.

Here's a list of some CPA agencies:

Commission junction
CX Digital Media / Incentaclick
Neverblue Ads
ROI Rocket

I highly recommend the English-language agencies marked with (en) you will find many more offers than the French agencies and they pay much better.

If you are having trouble being accepted by these agencies then Google for information on this subject. You will find lots of articles that show you how to be approved by the CPA agencies, especially in English. I will devote a whole article to this subject soon insha2llah.

Choose an cpa offer

Ok now you have registered and you are ready to choose an offer. This is what you have to take into consideration in your search:

- Must be easy to do
- How much you will be paid
- Ask for the minimum possible information
- Does not cost the user anything to do it

Normally the user just needs to put in his email or a postcode. There shouldn't be a lot of information for the user to provide otherwise he won't do it.

Here's an example of a companion I subscribe to on Maillorama, it's a very good site for paid emails. For each person who registers for free on the site via my affiliation link I will be paid 0.8 euro.

What are you waiting for? register :

find a partner

Now that you have your offer, you will look for a partner who will help you promote your link. These partners are people who have pages on Facebook with a huge number of fans and others on Twitter with thousands of followers.

It is better to target people who have tens or hundreds of thousands of fans but that doesn't mean that you can't make money with small pages of 1000 and 2000 fans but the gains will be much smaller.

What you're going to do now is create a message that you're going to send them to propose a partnership. You are going to explain to them that you have a great offer that makes you earn money and if they publish this offer on their page you are going to earn a lot of money that you will split in half.

Of course if it's an English offer you contact the English pages and if it's a French offer you visit the French pages. Once again I highly recommend the English agencies.

The good thing about this method is that you are targeting an audience that already has a certain degree of confidence in the person who is your partner and they already know him or her so the conversion will be much higher.

Here is an example of a message in English:

Hey (his name), I noticed your (group/following/fan base) is pretty big. I'm an internet marketer & know a way you & I could team up and make around $X together at the same time as giving your followers something cool. I'll do all the hard work so it will be easy money for you. Hit me back if you're interested and I'll send you the game plan, won't take long. Cheers, (Your Name)'.

Don't expect everyone to answer you, send to as many people as possible and sooner or later you will get answers.

Ok now you have answers so make sure your second message contains the following:

- You do this all the time and now you can make money together.
- It's easy money for both of you.
- You're going to do all the work
- He will be able to access the account to see the result
- How you're going to pay for it

your cpa link

Affiliate links are usually long and ugly so you have to use a Link Shortner to change the link. You can use or Or if you have a domain name you can create redirect pages.


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