How to make passive income on Pinterest?

 Make passive income on Pinterest

Gone are the days when the only source of income was your day job. With the amount of progress and advancement in the world of technology and social media; making money through unconventional means such as social media, phone and apps is an extremely effective and easy approach.

Nowadays, one is termed truly successful if he or she manages to secure a passive income source by the age bracket of 30-35. Now, as difficult or impossible as it may sound, it truly isn’t! Rather it is possible, pretty easy and convenient to secure a source of passive income using social media and that too at any age, with any level of expertise and from anywhere in the world.

Although numerous social media platforms and accounts can be used to generate passive income I would like to focus on Pinterest as a money-making medium for now. How to make passive income on Pinterest is what I am interested in and I will be filling you guys with all the information, tips and tricks that you should know to make passive money on Pinterest.
People all around the world have been using various social media platforms to market their products and earn money but statistics regarding Pinterest have proved it to be the giant in the world of affiliate marketing and money-making. Let’s start and let me fill you in about everything that you need to do to earn passively on Pinterest.

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Make passive income on Pinterest

What is passive income?

In simpler terms, passive income is a source of income that is continuous and consistent without demanding your physical presence or effort. Basically, it is something that you set up once and invest your time, energy and finances initially and then it keeps on paying you back automatically in a loop.
This kind of income is what is termed as financial independence or success. Now there might be hundreds of ways to earn passive income but making passive income on social media is also a very strong contender.

How to make passive income on Pinterest?

Why I have chosen to talk about Pinterest, in general, is because according to the recent surveys and statistics; Pinterest has proven to be the biggest platform for referring traffic to various web pages and resulting in sales through affiliate marketing.
Most people, who use Pinterest to gather amazing ideas, make inspirational and beautiful boards and learn about new stuff and products, but they don’t even know that they can actually earn money on Pinterest. If you are also a frequent Pinterest user and have no idea about earning money with your Pinterest account, then this post is meant just for you.
Let me get one thing straight, the only way to earn passive income on Pinterest is by:

Creating and promoting affiliate links on Pinterest.

Don’t be confused, I will walk you through the entire ifs and buts’ of affiliate links. What are they, how do you create them and how do they result in making you earn passive income on Pinterest.
I often looked at my favorite bloggers flaunting beautiful products and posting all about it on their blog and thought to myself, do they do this for free? But now I know that no, they don’t do this for free because every time I used to fall in love with their products, and bought something on their recommendation, I helped them earn money!
Similarly, you can also promote brands, products, and services in a variety of ways and earn money (commission) in return. If all of this information still confuses you, then don’t worry and keep on reading. I will be explaining everything in detail.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are basically links that will lead your audience to a product or service that you personally use and like and are now referring it to your friends, family, and followers. The affiliate link which you are using to promote a particular product or service will contain your unique referral code as well so that if someone signs up for the product or makes a purchase it becomes clear that it is because of your referral and you get awarded the due credit.
Affiliate links are also known as “referral links” or links that say “invite friends” and “refer a friend”.
You can add affiliate links to your pins and earn a commission. You can promote a variety of products and services ranging from cell phone companies, digital products, clothes, crafts, household accessories and so much more. The possibilities are endless.
Previously, Pinterest imposed a ban on posting affiliate links because people were spamming the place with them and users were being directed to scam websites. Users were then, not allowed to post pins with affiliate links but now they have improved their posting protocols and spam detection methods.
As of now, Pinterest only allows posting pins which include direct affiliate links. This not only avoids the possibility of being directed to scams but also keeps the check on the number of links being posted.
If you are still wondering why affiliate links will help you secure a passive income on Pinterest then here is your answer:
Pinterest has a massive user database. People from all around the world are registered users of this search engine and your posts and pins are bound to receive A LOT of exposure. If you include relevant affiliate links on your pins and post them on the relevant boards (WITHOUT SPAMMING) then every time, a user clicks on your affiliate link; you get paid.
It is as simple as that. Isn’t it great to keep making money and earning without even moving a muscle? This is what passive income is all about and this is how easily you can secure a passive income source on Pinterest.
I know, the entire process might not be as easy it may sound. You need to bag those affiliate links, look for the hottest and trending products that users will be interested in purchasing and be a part of their affiliate programs.
Don’t panic, I will be telling you all about how exactly you can be a part of numerous affiliate programs and get those affiliate links.

How to find the affiliate programs which you can promote?

You promote a product and help in increasing the sales and the brand or company pays you in return for each sale you make. But how do you become a part of the affiliate programs and get permission to post the affiliate links in your pins?
If you are new to affiliate marketing then you possibly don’t have a lot of knowledge about what brands and products have affiliate programs that you can be a part of. So, you need to research first and do your homework. But there are a ton of products that you use on a daily basis that have affiliate programs.
You need to look around closely and carefully. Not every link is direct and mentioned as “affiliate”. They can be mentioned under the name of “refer a friend” or maybe “invite friends”. If you get to see any such link, this means that you can also join their affiliate programs and earn money by promoting their products.
Although there are a lot of affiliate programs that are available for most of the popular and in-demand products that the majority of us use regularly. Here is a shortlist of such affiliate programs (I also use some of them):
  1. Ebates
  2. Ibotta
  3. Acorns
  4. Thred Up
  5. Honey
  6. Tailwind
  7. My Points
  8. Swagbucks
  9. Inbox Dollars
If you need to further read about these platforms in detail, you can always check out my detailed posts on how to make money through your phone and apps that pay you real money.
If you still find some products that you use and really like that are not a part of any affiliate program, then you can always contact them and ask them if they hold an affiliate program.
This approach comes in really handy because most companies are running an affiliate program but they don’t really advertise it or talk about it so it remains unknown. But if you ask around, you might be able to become a member of their affiliate program. No harm in asking right?
What I personally love about making passive income on Pinterest is that it is an extremely easy process once you learn and master the art. Of course, you need to be smart about your approach. No one will open up your pin if it is badly made or presented. So make sure that your pins are made with perfection. The image, the caption and the description should be perfect.
Also, don’t post your pins with affiliate links on irrelevant boards. Let me give you an example if you have an affiliate link for your favorite shoe brand and you keep on posting the pin on skincare and beauty boards then you are clearly spamming the board and wasting your time. Because members of the skincare board are not interested in shoes.
This is also known as spamming and your account can be blocked as well for spamming different boards with irrelevant content. So, be careful.
Whereas, if you post your pin with the affiliate link for a shoe brand on boards such as fashion, latest trends, fashionable shoes and outfit ideas then you are more likely to get more traffic and ultimately sales.
Therefore, be very smart about your work and approach. Everyone can follow the steps but if you wish to make it big and successful in the Pinterest world and to especially generate passive income then you need to be smart and clever about your work approach.

How to work with affiliate programs without a website or blog?

If you wish to join different affiliate programs in order to make money then it is not necessary that you have a website or a blog. You can become a member of an affiliate program and start promoting a product.
Maven and Shop Style Collection are two of the biggest and my favorite companies that have a massive database. They work with some of the biggest names of the retail industry and you can easily select the products that you wish to work with.
I love how versatile and convenient it is to work with Pinterest, in order to earn passive income. But if you are a blogger or own a business account on Pinterest and wish to include affiliate links on your pins then you can benefit from the following affiliate programs:
  1. Flex offers
  2. Share a Sale
  3. ShopHer
  4. VigLinks
However, there are some rules that Pinterest has for people who post pins with affiliate links. It is extremely important that you play by the books and the rules. Some of the most important rules are:
  1. Make sure that you mention in the description of your pin that is an affiliate pin. It is important that you disclose the nature of your pin. You can simply do that by adding the word “affiliate” in the description of your pin.
  2. Make sure that you include the full affiliate link. You cannot shorten the link or fancy it up. You have to include the complete and authentic affiliate link.
  3. It is important that you don’t get carried away with affiliate links. Sure the idea of earning through including affiliate links and promoting products seems pretty amazing but make sure you don’t go overboard with affiliate links. You don’t want to spam because this will be very irritating for people and they can even un-follow you. You can also get deleted from Pinterest.

5 ways to promote your affiliate links.

Once you get hold of how the affiliate programs and affiliate links work, you need to then start working on how you will be promoting these links. That is the only way you will be able to secure a passive income source on Pinterest.
Don’t worry; it will not take a lot of your time, rather even if you are able to spend one hour daily on Pinterest, creating pins and promoting products, then you can make money.
Here I will be filling you in with the top 5 ways that you can use to promote products on Pinterest with your blog.

Write a review

If you own a blog then this is a great way to promote affiliate products and earn money. If you have used a product that you truly loved, you can always write an appreciation or experience blog post about it. Telling all about the product and how it helped you greatly in your life. You can then ask the company owning that product if they have an affiliate program. If yes, then you can include the affiliate link in your review post as well.
Every time, someone will click on that link and make a purchase, you will earn a commission and will be paid. Amazing, right!
Later you can create a pin-able image of that review post/blog post and start promoting the product on Pinterest. More coverage means more sales which means more money.

Write a “How To” post

This is another great way to promote affiliate products. If you are good at writing and know how to write tutorial posts, then go for it.  All you need to do is to prepare a blog post such as “How to earn passively on Pinterest” and include affiliate links in it.
Again, you can further link the tutorial post with Pinterest and make money every time someone makes a purchase through your referral link (which you included in your tutorial post).

Make multiple Pin-able images.

Once you have written the review post or the” How To” post, the next step is to create multiple pin images for the post. You can always design the images and the pins yourself or can use any tool. The tools available for pin creation are mostly free and take care of all the hassle for you.
They can also provide you with pin templates which you can easily use instead of creating pins from scratch. When you create different pin images for the same post, you are most likely to have more exposure and generate more sales. Here is an example of how you can create multiple images for the same blog post (how to earn passively on Pinterest).

how to earn passive income on pinterest

Create a Resource page.

People are often interested in what their favorite bloggers use and like. People ask about their go-to favorite products all the time. It is always helpful to create a resource page and include all of your favorite products on the page.
With each product that you mention on that page, you can also include the affiliate link with that product. Anyone who will be interested in knowing about the product will also go and most likely purchase the product.
Again, you can also later create a Pin-able image of that post and pin it on Pinterest. More coverage means more money for you.

Promote your affiliate products on group boards.

This is by far the best way to have more eyes on your product. A single board owned by a single user has less following as compared to the group boards where multiple people come and pin and even more people come and look at the pins.
As I have been mentioning again and again that your sole mission and objective on Pinterest is to promote affiliate products (if you wish to earn passively). The more you promote, the more you become visible, the more sales you generate and ultimately the more money you make.
Apart from these 5 ways, you can also include links to affiliate products on your web page. All you need to do is to get accepted in the affiliate program of your favorite product and post the affiliate link on your web page. You can also link that with Pinterest.

Tips to increase your income

I have mentioned this before as well and I will say that yet again; in order to make it big on social media and use any social media platform to make money requires smart work more than hard work. It’s all about how smartly you play your cards and how effectively you cash on the opportunity.
In order to boost your income on Pinterest (by adding affiliate links and earning commission) you can benefit greatly from the following tips:

Add pins to relevant boards

Always add your pins to the relevant boards. The whole idea is to generate maximum traffic, resulting in maximized sales and earning commission and that will be possible only if you expose the link to the right audience.
If you will add pins to wrong boards, your posts and pins will be visible to people that were never interested in finding of your product. So what is the use of posting? You will be successful only if you will present your content to people who want to know about the products you are promoting.
Again, people visiting the arts and crafts boards will never be interested in opening up your affiliate link for amazing kitchen gadgets. So, choose wisely.

Create new boards.

Another great tip is to create customized boards for your affiliate products. For instance, if you are promoting your favorite kitchen gadgets then you can always create a new board by the name of “Easy Kitchen”. Now, if you will post your kitchen gadgets pin to this board then not only will it look relevant but will also attract the right traffic. Making new boards for each of your affiliate products will also give them the right amount of exposure and you will also not seem like spamming the boards with affiliate links.
People, who will view the easy kitchen board, will be interested in looking at kitchen gadgets. They are most likely to open up the link and make a purchase because they were interested in knowing about the kitchen products in the first place. This will make you earn more commission in return.

Design attractive pins.

Keeping the same ideology in mind; you create affiliate pins, post them on boards and wait for sales to earn a commission (depending on the nature of the affiliate program you can also earn each time a friend or follower opens up the link if he does not make any purchase).
The more traffic you attract, the more sales you generate and the more money you make. But how can you achieve all of that? By making sure your pins are attractive and compel the user to open them up. By also making sure that the pins rank higher in the search results and get more exposure. This can be ensured by designing great looking pins and by including the right keywords in the description box of the pins.
By including the right keywords, every time a user makes a search, your pin is likely to pop up and increase your chances of making a sale.
You can read all about making great pins in my post How to make money on Pinterest. But I will give you a brief round-up here as well:
  • Make sure you create multiple images of your affiliate product to get it more obvious and seen. Also, creating more images for the same pin gives you more chances to be seen as the result of different searches.
    • Include images of the product from various angles and create vertical pins. The more obvious is the product, the more chances are for its sale.
    • Always add text overlay to your images to catch attention. The more elaborate and attractive you design the pin, the more attention it will get and hence lead to more sales.

Join relevant group boards.

Always join the relevant group boards and post your affiliate pin in all of them. This will provide you more exposure to your targeted audience. Like if you have an affiliate pin for kitchen gadgets then make sure you post them on boards like Easy Kitchen, Lifestyle, home, and home décor.

Use the most relevant keywords

When you are done with the pin design, the next step is to add a description as well. Your objective should be to create a keyword-rich description so when someone performs a search; your pin pops up as the most optimal option. The more eyes you have on your pin, the more coverage it will get and consequently more money you will make.

Schedule your pins

If you are new to affiliate marketing then the concept of scheduling your pins might be a little new to you. But bloggers and social media specialists have been using this tool forever now and also swear by it.
There are a number of schedulers available out there, which you can use to not only view your account analytics but also schedule your pins in advance. This not only saves a ton of your time but also provides you with useful stats such as:
  • When to post.
    • Where to post.
    • And How to post.
You will know at what time have your previous pins been viewed the most and which has received maximum and minimum engagement and on what boards. Schedulers like Tailwind are available at a very reasonable price and will make your Pinterest experience completely hassle-free and very effective.
I have also done a separate post on Tailwind review, where you can check out in detail the features and attributes of this tool along with the right way to use it.
A scheduler can help you greatly with planning the pins in advance and posting them automatically on the set time and date. You can also easily make changes in your scheduler and also connect with like-minded people to discuss work and ideas (so that you never run out of content).


Pinterest is a great platform to not only be entertained, learn new things every day but also generate good amounts of money. As I mentioned in the start, most of the people I know or have talked too only know of Pinterest as a very entertaining and informative search engine; a place where they can find solutions to almost everything. But hardly anyone is aware of the fact that Pinterest is also a great platform to earn passive money.
Pinterest is a wonderful opportunity to generate passive income. With the entire process of pinning and re-pinning an image, your posts keep on getting more and more coverage and exposure. It is a never-ending loop of more and more people getting to know about your content.
Therefore, it is a great way for you to get more and more eyes on your pins and possibly generate more sales. The entire process of earning with Pinterest is pretty basic and simple. All you need to do is to crack open the basic code of posting on Pinterest (Which I have already explained) and then you are good to go.
 I have mentioned all the tips, tricks and gimmicks there are to earning passively on Pinterest.  If you are new to this field and are really eager to take up this approach to earn, then don’t hesitate and start now. Earning passively on Pinterest is no rocket science and you can easily do it as well.
Make sure you are well prepared and informed about all the technicalities before you start this up. You can also read up my related blog posts to help you prepare for earning through social media. All the best!