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Get a free trafic to your website


to you guess how many business i'm getting a month four million have this form.
i'm two million are unique but you already know that but what you got all i get the majority
the traffic from one simple heart that no one's doing and best of all it's easy hearing have to be
or bring the self heavy one i meal but all and today i'm going to share with you how i get four million visits of month through one simple hack.

before we get started maker subscribed in this child that linear all these warm he is like this you'll get notify

question for you how many wizner a month to you get when can blow with the number on curious because i want you to follow these tips and then we've had another common,
covers which your new never because you know i bet you it's kind of got if it doesn't you can leave a common let me know that neil your
people have shift because that's how component i am that i will work and i'll show you how to
do it step by stop so here's the little secret and said a kind of find new.

she would opportunities saying for all i do is fine whatever you're is already right for even if they're small and find other a long tells.
variations of that saying is that keyword in generating more traffic by going after that term is well here's what i mean,

and if you already right for the term dog food and you're getting a lot of traffic for it google will easily rate use
all the other long tail variations for dog for the reason being is it's hard to rank for the head term that is to rank for the long tell variation and you've got the majority of your.

have taken from a long tail terms like how to become rich there's still a lot of other
health variations even have that word such as how to become richer on the internet how to become rich through results from me so
but i want you to do step one had over to tumor suggest typing your domain
when you type in your domain i'll show you something called top pages these it'll show you
other pages that are giving your traffic and the key work that are driving your rankings the next
step i want you to take his now go log in to google search console again and machine all the terms that you've already
banking for actor you do that the next up that you need to take his had back over tube or suggest and type in those exact phrases that new rate for whom are suggests will show you a cures ideas report that shows you all the long tail.

variations of that term you'll find that if you ring for the head term there's a
another long tail terms that make up a lot of traffic and maybe not the same amount but they may be.
look up one tenth of traffic one twentieth the traffic even one fitted.
wrapping but if you combine all those terms of any at a lot of two tons of traffic war.
and even the head or the next thing you need to take those terms go back to the page is how do you ranking for the head term and.
you just your content include all those terms we write the content to cure providing value you're going.
and so government young people like oh my god this in the best.
hey you ever for dogs they showed me how to feed my dog should you what kind of food to pick for them how to put.
but if for gaining too much waiter their losing too much way how to make a more for and muscular it breaks it

everything down so that way no one else needs to read any other article on doctors what you're
mind is after you do that within thirty days you'll notice that that page
we're great hiring google for all the long tail

patients because once you right for the main head term and
he's it right for all the long tell variations because that had terms hardest one to rain court who will now she just pop compute for all the other ones within thirty
that's a simple who took that every single one of my pages on neo telecom now i have
over two thousand articles does right over two thousand blocks
i don't every single one that's what i have over four
million visits of much and that's you need to do to drastically grower traffic and you need more help
increasing your surge rankings crossing your traffic check out my had didn't seem
so our digital and of course if you enjoy the video like it sharing pollen that people about it thank you for watching

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