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Wednesday, May 1

Make Money By Designing T-Shirts

Tee Spring

  • Does it cost a lot of money to get started?
  • Do I have to use my own designs?
  • Can I set my own prices?
  • Where will I sell my T-Shirts?
  • How much money can I earn?
Well, you're in luck, we have answers!
Make money by designing T-Shirts online.

Partnering with Tee Spring is like crowdfunding with T-Shirts! It's 100% free to design your shirt. Simply use the net styleer to make your product by either uploading your design or victimisation computer graphics from the positioning.

You'll have to set a sales goal or tipping point, which is the minimum you need to sell in order to have your shirts printed.
Then share your campaign via email, your website, or your favorite social media networks.

Your customers won't be charged unless your campaign reaches the tipping point. Once your campaign ends, shirts are printed and sent out, and you'll be sent a check for the profit.
There are many factors when figuring exactly how much you can earn with Tee Spring, and it varies depending on everything, from the text and design you use to your choice of t-shirt. Just so you'll be able to get a concept of potential earnings with Tee Spring, you can start with a basic shirt that costs $5.75 and add a design and text for a total cost of $7.40 per shirt.

You can opt for your retail worth however say you choose to sell your shirts for $12.00 each and have a goal of selling 50 shirts. That would give you a profit of $229. Of course, the a lot of shirts you sell, the upper your profit.

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