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Friday, March 1

7 Legit Ways to Make Money Answering Questions

7 Legit Ways to Make Money Answering Questions

Did you realize you can make money by answering questions online? I'm not talking about the different survey sites — despite the fact that you can make money by signing up on the absolute best paid survey sites.

Rather, I'm talking about money you can earn by answering authentic questions from real people. These are sites where people like you and me ask questions and need answers.

The sites pay people to leave quality answers on the site. Here are probably the best sites you can agree to accept to make money for answering questions.

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Sites That Pay For Answering Questions

Every one of these inquiry and answer sites work a bit in an unexpected way. Be that as it may, every one of them will pay you for answering questions. Examine the summaries for each webpage recorded and check whether this might be the privilege online side job for you.

1. JustAnswer

JustAnswer pays experts in more than 700 distinct classifications to respond to questions asked by clients. The site was begun in 2004 by unseasoned parents who required quick responses to parenting and health questions.

Nowadays, JustAnswer benefits each nation in the world. Here's the means by which it works: Members who need responds to post their questions and the value they'll pay to get them replied.

People are eager to pay for the appropriate responses since they're asking for expert help. This is not quite the same as a portion of the less genuine inquiry/answer sites where arbitrary non-experts give their conclusions.

Rather, these answers originate from people who are experts in the class the part needs assistance in. JustAnswer costs significantly short of what it would to contact an in-person proficient, so individuals know it merits the money.

As an expert, you are the person who responds to the questions posted in your expert classification. JustAnswer pays you for giving the part his or her answer.

An extraordinary aspect concerning turning into an expert for JustAnswer is that you can work when you need. That implies you control your income. JustAnswer acknowledges experts in several classes.

Here are a portion of the classifications they look for experts for:





Creature conduct

Home improvement


Shopper gadgets



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To apply, you go to the site and select a classification. You'll present your data, hang tight for endorsement and start earning money.

Note that you do need to be a confirmed expert in your classification to qualify. For example, you can't have any significant bearing to be a restorative expert without having some sort of therapeutic degree. In any case, with more than 175 classifications, there are requirements for a wide assortment of experts.

2. Studypool

Studypool works comparably to JustAnswer, then again, actually it has practical experience in one zone: school work.

Here's the way Studypool works:

Understudies post questions alongside their financial plan and answer due date.

Scholarly coaches give a full and careful response to the inquiry.

The mentor that responds to the inquiry gets paid.

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Studypool is 100% mysterious and questions can be named "private" at the understudy's demand. As a Studypool guide, you get the opportunity to peruse more than 30 diverse instructive subjects to search for questions you can reply.

A portion of the subjects Studypool covers for understudies include:


Craftsmanship and Design

Article composing

Science, Biology and Physics

Software engineering, Web Design and Programming

Business and Finance, Economics

Law, History and Political Science

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Subsequent to giving an adequate answer, you get paid a commission. The Studypool site says that you can make up to $5,000 every month as a guide with their administration.

Likewise, you get the chance to set your own hours and pick when to work — and when not to work. Studypool does not force portions on coaches. For whatever length of time that you comply with the time constraints for the assignments you take, and answer questions agreeably, you've carried out your responsibility.

Studypool requires that its coaches meet one of two instructive capabilities:

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They have to have a degree in advanced education

They should be a present school or college understudy

On the off chance that you meet one of these two capabilities, you can be a coach at Studypool. That implies this would be an incredible route for you to earn money in case you're an undergrad.

You don't need to stress that there won't be sufficient work accessible on Studypool, either. Its site says that more than 10,000 new questions are posted every day by understudies.

3. Ether

Ether encourages you make money by giving guidance and data through the telephone. For example, you could work giving people counsel in fields like:

PC set-up or fix

Blogging or web architecture

Life instructing

Money related bookkeeping

Real home questions

Golf counsel and the sky is the limit from there

You begin moving your recommendation with Ether by signing up to be an Ether expert.

They give you a customized 8-digit expansion to run with the fundamental Ether telephone number (1-800-MY-ETHER). From that point onward, you forward your Ether telephone number to your work, home or wireless number.

The following stage is to set your rate. You have total freedom with regards to setting your rate. You can set a rate for 60 minutes, 15 minutes, or later period.

Note that clients need to prepay the rate before you accept their call. After you set your rate, you can set your working hours. Ether gives you a chance to accept calls just when you need to.

After you set your hours, it's a great opportunity to advertise your business. In spite of the fact that you will be recorded in Ether's index, it's great to advertise yourself all alone, as well.

To the extent pay, Ether charges the client's credit or check card. Keep in mind, Ether charges ahead of time to ensure your compensation.

Ether takes a 15% commission on your deals, and stores your income through Direct Deposit. It'll mail you a check, as well, on the off chance that you want to get paid that way.

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Reward: Ether will give you a chance to move your insight by means of email or on the web with a "Purchase Now" catch.

4. PrestoExperts

PrestoExperts pays you to help people by means of online visit, telephone or email. You get the chance to telecommute as an expert in your picked field. A portion of the fields you could be a PrestoExpert in include:






Life instructing


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You begin filling in as an expert with PrestoExperts by making a profile on their site. The organization suggests you incorporate a photograph with your profile. People trust you more when they can see your face.

Your profile will show up in your classification of decision, or customers can scan by catchphrase for you. As a consultant for PrestoExperts, you get the chance to set your own rates and acknowledge work when you need to.

After you join to be an expert, you simply trust that the work will come to you when you're accessible. When you sign in to your online record, PrestoExperts sends the customers your remarkably.

It does the majority of the advertising and drives the traffic to your online profile if a customer needs your sort of administrations.

5. Experts 123

Experts 123 is a site that will give you a chance to post articles about specific subjects. In the event that you have expertise in the subjects they post about, you can turn into a benefactor.

A portion of the classifications they look for authors for include:






Home improvement



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Note that you can put together your posted articles with respect to questions individuals are asking. Alternately, you can post arbitrary articles you figure people might discover supportive.

As an apprentice patron, you'll get paid by means of an income sharing system. The more traffic your articles get, the more money you'll earn.

Nonetheless, you do be able to graduate to per-post pay rates. You can achieve this dimension after you've substantiated yourself as a certified essayist and expert in your field.

Reward: You can incorporate a connection to your own blog or site in your articles.

6. Weegy

Weegy is another site that has some expertise in answering questions for people. In the event that its computerized framework doesn't have a response to an inquiry, it swings to expert individuals like you. In any case, Weegy will endeavor to address all questions by means of its robotized framework first.

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Profiting with Weegy is really basic: You simply sign in to your Weegy record and sit tight for warnings about questions that need answers.

When you get a warning, you can acknowledge it or reject it. In the event that you answer the inquiry, you get paid in focuses.

You can proceed with the discussion if the guest demands, earning for each extra inquiry you answer. Nonetheless, you can pass the discussion on to another expert whenever. Weegy says it pays about 20 pennies for each responded to address.

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Note that with Weegy you can set a termination date on your answers. I discovered this reality fascinating. All things considered, in the event that you permit Weegy to keep your answers on record inconclusively, it implies you'll never motivate paid to address that question again.

Rather, the computerized framework will give the appropriate response. What's more, when that occurs, it mean less income for you.

You can get paid by means of PayPal once you've achieved their base money out edge of $20. Obviously Weegy pays significantly not exactly alternate sites referenced here. In any case, it is one choice to remember whether the others don't work for you.

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7. HelpOwl

HelpOwl will pay you for both asking and answering questions.

Here's the means by which it works:

You begin by making a free record on the site.

Begin earning focuses by finishing point-commendable exercises.

Exchange your focuses in for gift vouchers to retailers, for example, Amazon or Walmart.

A portion of the exercises you can earn focuses for include:

Presenting the primary acknowledged response to an inquiry (1,000 points)

Uploading an item manual that is more than 101 pages (1,000)

Auditing an organization, item or vehicle (750)

Presenting a response to any question (100)

Uploading an item manual that is littler than 101 pages (250-750 points)

Note that you can lose focuses in the event that one of your answers is checked "unhelpful.�

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